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Therapeutic Recreation Internship Evaluation Form

The following format was developed by Patricia Malik, CTRS, professor at Illinois State University for a presentation at the 1995 ATRA Conference.....


Check those which you can answer YES....

I am knowledgeable about the NCTRC guidelines for students

  • minimum number of hours required for student to be at the agency

  • minimum number of hours agency supervisor must work at the agency

  • one agency supervisor thoughout the experience

I am knowledgeable about the NCTRC Job Analysis

I am aware of professional issues facing the field of TR and keep up to date through journals, conferences, and professional development

I have developed an internship manual that minimally includes student, university, and agency expectations, examples of program descriptions, assessments and documentation paperwork.

I have been in the field of TR for a minimum of 2 years.

I have time during my weekly schedule to provide clinical supervision (typically a min of 1 hour per week).

I have contacted the legal department in my agency to determine the types of contracts that need to be developed and used.

I have explore the possibilities for room and board and other forms of compensation for students.

I have clarified with agency administration the requirement, if any, related to immunizations, student insurance coverage, clearances, and certifications.

I have developed an orientation process for students.

I have developed a progressive series of learning tasks for students (flexibility based on student).

I have evaluated the internship program of other disciplines within my agency.

I have discussed implementing an internship program with my supervisor and have received approval.

I have developed an internship position description to give to students.

I have developed minimum criteria students must meet in order to qualify to do an internship at my agency.

I have developed interview questions to use when interviewing students in order to qualify to do an internship at my agency.

I have determined whether I will accept out of state students and the criteria for consideration.

I have contact institutions of higher education in and outside my state regarding their degree program in TR for their requirements and internship standards.

I have determined the number of students that the agency can realistically supervise in one semester.

I have determined deadlines for student application and acceptance.

Note: The above is not meant to be an exhaustive list of prerequisites.

How many YES' did you have?