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Recreation Therapy & Rehab Services to Individuals with Disability in Korea

In the U.S., it's called therapeutic recreation. In Korea, we say "Chiryo" Recreation. Although both terms are quite dissimilar, concepts between chiryo and of therapeutic recreations may be quite similar.

"Chiryo" means therapeutic itself. So, Chiryo recreation means recreation as a process of human service carried out in our society's, i.e., nursing homes, senior citizen's centers, mental health hospitals,
rehabilitation centers, social welfare settings etc.

Last 2 decades, We have concerned with development of leisure and recreation. Specially, We had opened world paralympic at seoul, Korea in 1988. We need to study a variety of subjects such as social welfare, psychology, medical care, disabilities, senility, as well as recreation and its services like as Japan had. This trend has facilitated a development of chiryo recreation.

We recently have trying to train for possible chiryo recreation workers (a not formally liccenced by NRJA like Japan, and NPRA in USA.). Increasingly, We wish to increase in TR workers number throughout Korea. Now, We are continuing to educate future chiryo recreation workers.

In Korea, We adopted philosophy of "Leisure Ability" and "Leisure ability's Model by Carol Ann Peterson. We've got regular TR Conference per 2-3 months. Participants will discuss effects of TR programs, assessment tools useful for TR, and various cases in TR, Leisure education, Education project meeting, etc.

Although We have not deeply professional experiences, but We are trying to New TR Movement In Korea. We wish to participate team member in medical settings, nursing homes, and rehabilitation settings, none of chiryo recreation workers are included so far. Since many recreation workers (most are volunteers) have just started client-centered programs, some kind of results in TR have appeared already. Results are 20 article (above MA) published in university.

We are operating TR related Home page; (use only korean language)

Submitted by:

Webmaster: Yoon Jae Sub - liss*
Director of Daehan (means Great Korea) Therapeutic Recreation Association.

Additional Contacts:

  • Dr. Noh, Yongkoo, janenoh*
  • Dr. Chae, Joon-Ahn, trcap*





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