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National Recreation Association magazine "Recreation"

Hospital Capsules by Beatrice H. Hill

1956, Volume 49, Page 23

Having your own column is lots of fun, but it is a really happy project only if many others contribute suggestions to it. So, c’mon on, give! I’m sure many of our readers have had some wonderfully original ideas for Christmas. Please write and tell me about them.

We, here in New York, are having a wonderful time! We have been asked to set up publicity for the city’s two chronic hospitals, both located on Welfare Island in the middle of the East River. We have a big deal planned--”Operation Christmas Welfare Island...By Land, Sea, and Air.” We expect to have one helicopter, one launch from the fire department, one horse and sleigh, and one red station wagon, each vehicle with a Santa Claus operating it. We take off by land, sea, and air from the heliport on the Hudson River on December 17 at noon. We plan to have two dozen patients in wheelchairs and stretchers at the heliport, to wave good-bye to our Santa Clauses. This should make for good publicity for the two hospitals, and gifts should begin to pour in as soon as the story breaks. Will let you know what happens!

Do You Know . . .

That the National Recreation Association and New York University are having an Institute specifically concerned with Recreation for the Aged, Ill, and Handicapped on January 18, 19 and 20 at New York University?

That there is a very fine book on hospital recreation called Recreation for the Handicapped by Valerie Hunt. (See age 37 for review.)

That there are two bulletins issued by the National Recreation Association: Recreation Leadership with the Ill and Handicapped--A Service Career for You (F61) and Suggested Standards for Hospital Recreation Personnel (F62).

That Basic Concepts of Hospital Recreation may be obtained by writing to: Mrs. Gwen Smith, Administration Assistant, American Recreation Society, 1129 Vermont Avenue, N.W., Washington 5, D.C.?

That Martin W. Meyer, formerly recreation director, Montrose Veterans Administration Hospital in New York State, not only received his doctorate, but has been engaged to do a very exciting job in the State of Indiana? His title is Coordinator Activities Therapies, Division of Mental Health, Indianapolis, and he is consultant to the many ancillary therapies in the state hospitals.

Here and There

Have you all seen a fine picture, taking place in a neuro-psychiatric hospital, Working and Playing to Health, made by the National Mental Health Association, and a brand new picture made by the National Committee on the Aged entitled, A Place to Live?

Is there a television program called “Medical Horizons” in your locality? In New York it’s Monday evening on the ABC network. This program is a really sensible, true picture of many types of hospitals.

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