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National Recreation Association magazine "Recreation"

Hospital Capsules by Beatrice H. Hill

Mrs. Hill is the NRA consultant on hospital recreation.

1958, Volume 51; page 291
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For the past two years, you have been reading in this column about the national study, Recreation in Hospitals, currently being conducted by the National Recreation Association. This will be available soon. It includes a great deal of interesting material and reveals many previously unknown facts; such as the following.

Did you know that, out of the sixty-eight hundred hospitals in the United States, two thousand have organized recreation programs (these represent approximately 75 per cent of the hospital beds in the country) ; the average salary for recreation supervisors on the hospital level is approximately $4600; <<illegible>> per cent of the personnel conducting recreation programs in hospitals are not members of any professional organization; drama is the least used activity in the hospital; outdoor areas are used for recreation in 75 per cent of the hospitals having recreation programs? These and many other startling facts are available for the first time in this new publication. Reserve your copy now. Publication date and price to be announced shortly.

Other Materials
The proceedings of our mid-winter institute concerning Recreation for the Homebound III and Handicapped are for sale at $1.25 a copy.

Hospitals: The journal of the American Hospital Association is probably available in your hospital's professional library. Here are a few articles of particular interest to recreation personnel:
(1) Volume 31, Number 24, 12/16/57, page 34, "Sidney's Hospital Came." (2) Volume 32, Number 3, 2/1/58, page 41, "A Bill of Rights for Volunteers!" (3) Volume 32, Number 4, 2/6/58, Page 42, "Having Fun is Good Medicine." (4) Volume 32, Number 7, 4/1/58, Page 35, "Should I Bring Johnny His Truck?"

We have available, upon request, a bibliography of articles that have appeared in Recreation Magazine on "Recreation for the Ill and Handicapped in the Hospital, for the Homebound, and in the Community." This bibliography lists articles on these and related subjects appearing in the magazine from January 1950 to September 1958.

Among new books added to the NRA Recreation Book Center, and available at NRA membership discounts, are: Introduction to Psychiatric Occupational Therapy, Fail S. Fidler and Jan W. Fidler, Jr.; Remotivating the Mental Patient, Otto Von Mering and Stanley H. King; Give and Take in Hospitals, Temple Burling, Edith Lentz and Robert Wildon; Training of the Lower Extremity Amputee, Donald Kerr and Signe Brunnstrom; and Hospital and Bedside Games, Neva Boyd. In addition, the Book Center stocks approximately fifty publications chosen especially for recreation personnel working with the ill and handicapped. A complete listing is available upon request.

A New Idea
Here's a new idea to combat the lack of trained personnel in the state hospitals. Brooklyn State Hospital, Brooklyn, New York, in cooperation with the YM and YWHA is offering a workshop. Dance in a Psychiatric Setting. The theory of creative dance technique, for the institutionalized mentally ill, will be taught each Tuesday, starting October 14th, at the YM and YWHA, and patients at Brooklyn State will participate in laboratory sessions held at the hospital. Elizabeth Rosen, Ed.D., author of Dance in Psychotherapy, will teach the workshop.* *See Recreation, June 1957, page 225.



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