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Recreation Therapy & Rehab Services to Individuals with Disability in Singapore

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For additional info on services for individuals with disabilities in Singapore, go to the Hong Hong Fact Sheet Page.

"Special Olympics Singapore Activities in Singapore"
Correspondent: Mike Watters of Play, Recreation, Leisure Management

The following suggests a typical year of activity by the Singapore Special Olympics.

March--Bocce Training Clinic.

May--Family Walkathon.

June--National Special Olympics Games: Typically, 500 local athletes and 45 overseas athletes (from Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, Hong Kong & Macau) competing in athletics, aquatics, table tennis, badminton, soccer and floor hockey; Motor Activities Training Program Challenge Day.

July--Volunteers' Appreciation Lunch; Conference; World Summer Games.

August--Flag Day: Volunteers sell flags and for the coin-counting; Bocce Tournament.

September--Mini-Putting: Conducted the Airline Club of Singapore Charity Golf Classic at Laguna Golf Club. Organized jointly with Down Syndrome Association of Singapore; Motor Activities Training Program Clinic; Cricket Training Clinic.

November--Asia-Pacific Leadership Training Activities.

December--International Invitational Games; Equestrian Competition.

For information contact the Administrator: Mr William Oh; tel.: (65) 293-3182; fax.: (65) 293-8497.


John Nesbitt, Editor; Published in the PUBLIC DOMAIN by: Special Recreation for disABLED, Inc./International Center.

Contacts in Singapore:

National Council of YMCAs of Singapore, Ernest Chen, Executive Director, YMCA of Singapore; and, Peggy Tan, Manager, Community Development, c/o Metro YMCA, 1 Orchard Road, Singapore 238824; TEL-011-65-430-2200; FAX-011-65-336-8003; DID-65-430-2201; PAGER-9306-3643. PRES-Dr. Robert LOH; NATL GEN SEC-ONG-Al Teik/EU Eng Kong

National Council of YMCAs of Singapore, c/o Metro YMCA, 60 Stevens Road, Singapore 1025. TEL-011-65-737-7755, 011-65-731-0731; FAX-011-65-737-2297, 65-235-5528. PRES-Dr. Robert LOH; NATL GEN SEC-ONG-Al Teik/EU Eng Kong




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