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Recreation Therapy (Fukushi Recreation) in Japan

Fukushi recreation is our equivalent of therapeutic recreation (article by Hiro Chino).

Fukushi Recreation... perspective from an American visitor in Japan (by Charles Dixon).

Contacts in Japan.

NRAJ- National Recreation Association of Japan. (info and pictures)

Yokohama Rapport- the Sports and Cultural Center for the Disabled (info & pictures).

World TR

these pages current as of 4-29-98


wheelchair soccer in Japan
photo from "Rec," NRAJ pub #452

Fukushi Recreation... perspective from an American visitor in Japan (by Charles Dixon). In late April of 1998, I had the privilege of traveling to Japan and meeting Hiro Chino, Chieko Ukita, Motoko Miyake, Masako Ogawa, Yoshiko Sumita and Masako Nagao to gain perspective on therapeutic recreation in Japan. For the complete article and pictures, click here.

Contacts in Japan & US. Notes:
NRAJ office
Suidobashi, Nichiguchi Kaikan
20-7 Misaki-cho 2 chome,
Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 101 Japan
Tel: (03)3265-1369
Fax: (03)3265-1253

Chieko Ukita
Organizing Department Directory
Motoko Miyake, Organizing Department
Masako Ogawa, Organizing Department

Ukita-san is the chief researcher at NRAJ.

She and Miyake-san has done site visits in the US to study TR.

Yokohama Rec-Craft Institute
Kanematsu Mutsumi, President
2-77-1, Tsurugamine
Asahi-ku, Yokohama-City
Tel/Fax: 045-373-1605
Contact for Enge-therapy (horticulture therapy in Japan)
Sophia University (Japan)
Mr. Morooka
Tel: 03-3238-3911
He and Noriko-san & another person translated the 2nd edition of Peterson & Gunn into Japanese.

They are planning to translate the 3rd edition of Peterson & Gunn.

Noriko Tani
Helped translate Peterson & Gunn into Japanese. Currently works at Asbury Methodist Village in Washington, DC, co-chairs ATRA's International Relations Committee, and is NRAJ's contact person in the US.
Tel: 03-5281-5218
Founder & past editor of "Active Japan" & has impact on issues regarding sports & recreation for persons with disabilities.
Hiro Chino
Leisure Exporation Project (in Japanese)
University professor teaching Fukushi Recreation at Mukogawa Women's University, Nishinomiya, JAPAN
Yoshiko Sumita Managing director of Fukuoka ( in Kyushu) City Recreation Association
Masako Nagao Teaching Fukushi Recreation and its program plan at Kobe Kaigo Fukushi School(a school for care-workers) in Kobe
Kenji Haga Associate Professor of Tokyo Kasei Gakium University. Certified Welfare Recreation Worker.

Spent a whole year studying TR independently with Dr. Gerald O'Morrow at RU l993-94.

Worked in various healthcare facilities (MI, MR, NH, Rehab Centers, as well as in a number of community-based PR depts.

Attended NRPA Congress in l995. Special interest in working with physically disabled in outdoors (Camping, Kayaking, Skiing).

Translated Schleien, McAvoy, Lais, & Rynders 1993 book: Integrated Outdoor Education & Adventure Programs very recently into Japanese.

Yorio Chiba, Professor of Social Work at Japan College of Social Work Just finished a 3 month (Apr.-Jun.) independent study with Dr. Gerald O'Morrow at request of NRAJ. His focus is on frail and disabled elderly. As a result, spent 3-4 days per wk. in Nursing Homes, Assisted Living Ctrs, Day Care Ctrs., PR agencies.

He teaches Recreation at Japan College of SW & Social Group Work at TOKO (not Tokyo) Univ. Formerly worked at NRAJ.

He is certified Rec Worker. Excellent feel for recreation in life or importance. He will be translating Dr. O'Morrow's recent publication in management of TRS.

Yoho Chiba Wife of the Yorio Chiba. Specialist in dance and movement. Works in Senior Citizen Ctr. plus volunteer activity at other sites.
Kazutoshi (Kaz) CEO of Institute Takakashi, Japanese which focues on providing recreation services to Institute of Leisure industry.

President of Institute is Ritsuko (Yama) Yamazaki and research specialist is Harukise Hirote. Kaz comes every year to NRPA Congress.

He is also Professor of Science and Education, Emeritus, at Tokyo University.

Shinshiro Ebashi, (ret.) VP NRPJ & Dir., The Institute of Leisure& Rec. Shaker & mover of recreation & of NRAJ in Japan. Sometimes called "grandfather" of recreation. Close ties with NRAP and attends all NRPA Congress. World-wide walker; walks everywhere.
Dr. Gerald O'Morrow
Invitied to speak on TR through NRPA at NRAJ national conference in Kumamoto, l995. Later lectured at NRAJ office to invitied guest on TR

While in Tokyo toured a number of Nursing Homes and Senior Citizen Centers. Quite impressed.

Aug. l996 spoke to healthcare workers (about 30) on tour of heathcare facilities in metro DC at NRPAoffice on history of TR. Tour sponsored by NRAJ. Tour was directed by a TR woman from westcoast who at one time taught in US.

Takeshi Imai
Professor at Nippon Sports Science University in Tokyo, teaching Sports Management classes.

Translated Dr. Gerald O'Morrow's TR text into Japanese. He also translated Paul Haun's Rec.: A Medical Viewpoint.

Graduated from Indiana. St. U. with MS and was Dr. O'Morrow's GA in l972. Imai toured healthcare sites in US in l981. He Tried to initiate leisure counseling programs when he returned to Japan in l974, but with minimal success.

Tom Gushiken TR Professor at University of Wisconsin-La Cross (retired) who has presented at a conference in Yokohama and at a special olympics conference in Tokyo. Tom is actively seeking Japanese students for the school's therapeutic recreation program.


National Recreation Association of Japan (NRAJ)- NRAJ was founded in 1938 and works to improve the quality of life for the people of Japan. The NRAJ provides a variety of functions in administering and delivering recreation services to association members, other recreation related organizations, and the public at large. The Association provides in-service courses for the training of recreation leaders, sponsors leisure research, produces a monthly magazine, publishes books on leisure and recreation issues, hosts industry conferences and seminars, and conducts several recreation events for community participation. For additional info and pictures, click here.

Yokohama Rapport- Sports and Cultural Center for the Disabled. Yokohama Rapport was opened on August 28, 1992 to commemorate the final year of the United Nation's "Decade for the Disabled." The facility adopted as its governing philosophy the ideal of the International Year of the Disabled, which was to realize "Complete Participation and Equality" for disabled persons. Click here for complete information and pictures about this unique facility serving individuals with disabilities and non-disabled individuals in Japan.


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