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Therapeutic Recreation & Related Listservers/Newsgroups/Social Networking Sites

Listed here are listservers related to therapeutic recreation. When you subscribe to a listserver (its free!), you receive all messages and comments posted by others on that particular listserver. For example, someone might post a question about creative game ideas for an individual with Celebral Palsy on the Sportime listserver. When you or others respond to his question, you receive email of all responses that posting might receive. In this way, users can post comments, receive responses, and read comments left by others on the listserver.

Last update: 5-15-18

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A forum for professional networking for church recreation ministers, camp directors, other practitioners, students, and educators in the field of recreation and leisure services in Christian settings. Discussion of practical, as well as philosophical matters including activity idea sharing, resource sharing, positions available, internship opportunities, etc. E-mail The body of the message should read: SUBSCRIBE ChRec-L [Your Name].

Child Life Listserv

The Child Life Council now offers a new resource for its members in the form of the CLCforum listserve. It's a great way for child life professionals to easily communicate daily with others, to share ideas, get help in solving problems, and learn how things are done in other CL programs. Listserve subscribers also receive CLC job bank listings twice a month. To subscribe, or to join the Child Life Council (it's a members-only service), visit the CLC website at

The Florida Therapeutic Recreation Network (FLTRNET) is a new email group designed to promote and support Therapeutic Recreation Services within our state. This is achieved through the submission of information (CEU opportunities, job openings, professional issues) by TR professionals and students to this email address ( Once information is submitted it will be scanned for content by the network administrator, spam is weeded out, then the information is forwarded to all those whom have subscribed. Addresses are not be shared with outside groups and only information sent pertinent to our profession will be sent. In the future we hope to sponsor workshops and provide educational opportuities but first we must open up the lines of communication!

LIN's mailing list for leisure professionals to share their expertise and keep abreast of what is new in the field.


LINKEDIN has a TR Group. go to to join.



Talk World-wide Internet communities for physical & movement education, recreation, dance, APA (adapted physical activities) and APE (adapted physical education) professionals


Send an email to LISTSERV@LISTSERV.OKSTATE.EDU then in the first line of the message type SUBSCRIBE RECREATIONALTHERAPYNET  

A couple of things to remember:
• there should be nothing in the Subject Line
• there should be no signature (remove the signature for the purposes of subscribing),
• there should be no quotation marks or brackets anywhere in the listserv email address nor the command in the first line of the message.


Subscribe to SPRENET! --

Society of Park & Recreation Educators

Send a message to:
In the message area write: subscribe sprenet Firstname Lastname

Therapeutic Recreation Listserv

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"This is a listserv for people who are Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialists (CTRS) or who are affiliated with Therapeutic Recreation(TR) programs. It is a place to share ideas, support each other and announce important events."

TR Study Group

An avenue for students and specialists of therapeutic recreation to share ideas and opinions about the application of tr in clinical or community settings. Click here for further information:

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