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Cake Walk
submitted by Kelly W Shivel of The Inn at Wyngate on June 08, 2003

Size: 10-20

Equipment: Pictures of cakes cut out of magazines and glued to poster board (number each cake on the back such as 1 through 40), Cupcakes (enough for each resident to win one), one 6 inch cake,cake decorating candies, boombox, cd or tape of upbeat music, hat made from the top of a cake carrier.

Objective: Objective is to have residents use cognitive skills, minimal mobility, and to have fun. They should gain self esteem in knowing they have the ability to remember things. Great with those with low to high level cognitive ablilities

Description: On the day before the "Cake Walk" have residents prepare cupcakes and decorate them, Make one 6 inch cake that is a little more decorative. On the day of the "Cake Walk" arrange seating in a circle. The AD is the official "Cakemaster". Start of by passing on of the 30-60 pictures in the circle from one resident to another, the cake master plays music and turns it off at any given time. The resident holding that particular cake has to name a type of cake, event where cake is eaten, or if cognitively impaired the color of the cake picture they are holding. If they answer any of these questions they keep that cake and another cake picture is circulated and the process begins again. This is done until all cakes have been distributed and all residents have had a chance to "win at leat one paper cake."

The numbers written on each cake are also on slips of paper and the "cake master" puts these into their hat and pulls out a number. The number that matches one a resident is holding is the winner of the larger 6 inch cake. Present the winner with their larger cake and all sing "For she's/he's a jolly good fellow, etc..." Then all the cupcakes are passed out the the other players and you can provide drinks and napkins for them to enjoy with their cupcakes.

Football Throw
submitted by Lisa Howard of Overlook Medical Clinic on Saturday, November 17, 2001

Size: 25 residents plus 12 staff participants

Large Blow up football
measuring tape
yard stick
red x's cut out of construction paper

Objective: Socialization, Coordination, Physical exercise

Description: Our residents and staff took turns throwing the giant football in our dining room. There throws were measured by activity staff. Distance was marked with their name on a red x marks the spot. Staff threw from a seated position to make it fair. Everyone tried to throw it the furthest because they didn't know shortest throws were winners too. Our Social worker had the longest staff throw. Two residents were winners for longest and shortest throws. Only our administrator hit the chandelier with the ball. Snacks were served for the spectators. Resident names and Staff members who dressed up in football gear were put into a drawing for the blow up ball. Everyone had a great day.

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