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Any Sized (small or large) Group Social Activities

bulletAnnoying Sing-Along
Submitted by Megan Ottney  of Island City Assisted Living on 2-4-15

Size of Group: 6-7

Equipment/Supplies Needed: You can make up folders with the song lyrics in them. If you do, remember to number the pages!

Activity/Treatment Objective or Expected Outcome: To get the residents talking, reminiscing and laughing!

Description of the Activity:

Sing These Songs and you will have a fun time!!
-Anything You Can Do, I can Do Better
-99 Bottles of Beer On The Wall
-The Nothing Song
(Nothing, Nothing, Nothing, Nothing
Nothing, Nothing, all day long
Nothing, Nothing, Nothing, Nothing,
How Do You Like My Nothing Song?)
-The Song That Never Ends (Sheri Lewis/Lambchops Play-Along)

These are good conversation starters. Some of my residents were reminiscing about the songs their kids sang to drive them crazy!

You can Google or YouTube these songs if you don't know them. Have fun!


bulletInside Snowball Fight
submitted by Becky Cates of Timberlake Healthcare, Farmerville LA on December 15, 2009

Size of Group: small to large

Equipment: large marshmallows, bags to hold them. Scarves, hats and gloves

Objective: Lots of laughter and fun

Description: We have a annual snowball fight every December. The staff and residents are involved and gives them time to mingle with one another. Fill bags with large marshmallows and hand out to residents and staff members. Have everyone wear scarves, hats and gloves. Anyone can start the game but be ready to fire back when the first snowball is thrown. You will find that the laughter can be heard down every hall in the facility. After the snowball fight serve hot chocolate with peppermint sticks to stir.



bulletPeople Scavenger Hunt
submitted by Kathleen Hart of LifePath, Inc on February 25, 2009

Size of Group: unlimited Equipment: list on paper, pen

Objective: socializing, ice breaker

Description: Working in an adult program for alzheimer or dementia clients that go home at the end of the day, I decided to do a "People Scavenger Hunt" where the clients were given a list of "situations" that people could have experienced presently or in the past, (ie., a left-handed person, have brothers/sisters,etc) and that person had to sign their name next to the situation. The only rule was a person could only sign once on the paper, so they had to socialize with other clients and the staff both at home and in the building. Everyone loved it, They were given the list on a Monday to have it returned by Friday. We had a small social afterwards and compared the results.


Lets Make a Deal
submitted by Dawn Reid of South Cumberland Community Care Center on August 21, 2008

Size of Group: any size of group

Equipment: Two none see-through sized gift bags, various nice prizes as well as some prank prizes, fake money.

Objective: Our residents absolutely love this game. We always have a great laugh at some of the crazy prizes that are won. I always try to make sure that everyone has a funny prize and as well a nice prize.They get to laugh together and just enjoy each others company.

Description: What we do is make sure that I have at least a dozen or so of each category of prizes. I then gather everyone that wants to play around a table. Everyone is given $80.00 in fake money. The first person to my left will start the game. I start the game with one prize in each the game goes on and people have already started to win prizes then I add one funny prize and a serious prize in each bag. This way we can make sure that if someone has not won a funny prize then we can make sure that they do or vice versa. They have the choice of what bag they would like to buy for a price of $20.00 in funny money. They can trade or purchase with the other residents if they wish to. We let everyone take their turn in order. The game is finished when everyone has spent all of their money. A couple of times through out the game open the bidding up and let everyone bid on the two bags....the highest bidder wins what is in the bag of their choice.


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