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Adaptive Activity - Bowling

IKAN Bowling
submitted by Adaptive Bowling of Manufacturing Genuine Thrills Inc. on October 29, 2009

Size of Group: 1-4

Equipment: Power Wheelchair, IKAN Bowler and Universal Mount

Objective: Bowling is a great therapeutic and social activity. Allows new power wheelchair users to increase situational awareness as well as chair operation skills.

Description: Power Wheelchair users mount a device onto their chair and with the assistance of a caddy can bowl alongside other wheelchair users or able bodied family members, caretakers, or even in a bowling league. The IKAN Bowler is approved for league play by the American Bowling Congress and American Women's Bowling Association. Any person that can operate a power wheelchair can bowl. The process of bowling with an IKAN Bowler® is the same process that able-bodied bowlers employ: setup, then physically approach and release the ball upon reaching (but not crossing) the foul line. The only real difference is the approved use of a caddy, which is why the IKAN Bowler® was sanctioned for competition by the USBC. A caddy places and aligns the ball based upon the bowler's instructions (where the ball's finger holes are placed determines the shape of the shot) then must step off the lane. The bowler then controls the speed, direction, and timing of the ball's release by moving their wheelchair. The IKAN Bowler®'s unique parabolic arm perfectly mimics a ball being released from someone’s hand.


Bowling - adaptation
submitted by Jacinta Di Palma of studying Cert III in Aged Care on February 17, 2009

Size of Group: 5-6 people

Equipment: 2 pins and a bright ball

Objective: good hand eye coordination as well as providing arm and bending exercise

Description: Place the two pins at one end of a small area (just like at a bowling alley, but the client doesn't need to stand very far away from the pins) and tell the client to try to bowl the ball in between the pins without knocking the pins over.

Bowling for Bunny's
submitted by Jessica Burns of Ashley Manor Care Centers LLC on February 20, 2008

Size of Group: 1 or 2, individuals with Alzheimer's

Equipment: Plastic Bunny's that come in 6 or 7. You can find them during easter time.

Objective: Movement and Fun

Description: Set the bunnies up like at a bowling ally. Have each participant try and knock down as many bunnies as possible. Each bunny that they do knock down are theirs (sort of like shopping with Alzheimer you would let them keep it till they put it down). It works wonders with my residents. They have smiles on their faces after and to hear them laugh is the best thing.

Submitted by Linda R. Staron ADTR of Jewish Home of Greater Harrisburg on May 15, 2002

Size: Small group or Individual activity

Equipment: Plastic bowling pins, ""bowling ball” and space to set up pins.
Ball should be adapted for the resident's needs, but must be large/heavy enough to knock the pins down when contact is made.

Objective: To be used after/during a Remotivation Therapy Session or as a scheduled activity.

Objective is for each resident to achieve success in knocking down bowing pins.
Outcome is for each to experience success and enjoyment.

Description: Set up a few or all ten plastic pins. Have the resident at a distance where he/she can successfully roll or throw the ball to knock down the bowling pins. Adaptability is important. Assess how each participant is able to project the ball towards the pins. (Be creative)

Have participants take turns. Be sure to encourage participation and praise when pins are knocked down or missed.

Participation and fun are the most important outcomes.



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