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submitted by Pam Long of Extendicare on March 18, 2009

Size of Group: 8-10

Equipment: 2 Decks of cards, and 2 dice per player

Objective: to be the first person to get rid of all there cards

Description: Take out Kings-do not use. Leave Jokers in. Deal all cards out, players sort cards in piles face up. For every joker you can throw a card away.
Player 1 starts, they roll the dice, say they get a 8, if they have it, they say I've got it and throws in the center, and continues to roll, if they don't have it, then it goes around to the next player that does, they throw it away. Then goes back to the next player, player2 rolls, ect/ Until all of your cards are gone. Jacks are you 11, queens are your 12. Your last card, you must roll yourself.


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