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Here's some ideas and recipes that may be helpful in your TR program. Send your ideas in.

Creating Friendship Soup
submitted by Lorice G. Smit LRT/CTRS of Goldsboro Parks & Recreation Dept. on January 12, 2007
Size of Group: 8-10
Equipment: large pot, 1 med. cabbage, 1 med, onion, 1, 1, 16oz bags of various frozen vegetables, 4 small potatoes cut into bite size pieces, 1, 6oz can of tomato paste, 1, 16oz can of tomato sauce, a large spoon and 8-10 friends. This is an activity treatment that can be modified for any level of abilities.
Objective: To encourage interaction among peers.
To encourage communication and an exchange of ideas
Description: Prior to cooking class, invite consumers to share ideas about their favorite vegetable soup growing up. Many vegetable soups do not have all of the same vegetables within the pot our friends might be similar. Some people like different types of vegetables that express who they are in terms of likes and dislikes of certain foods just like some of our friends. They may be different from us and like different things, but they remain our friends. We may not like everything about them,
but if you get to know that person long enough, you may discover something within that person's personality that you grow to like, just like vegetable soup. We may not like all vegetable soups, but if we try enough soups with vegetable, we will probably find something within one of those soups that we truly enjoy, just as we do in friendships. Allow the consumers collectively to decide which vegetables that they would like in their soup and ask each one to explain why or why not the like or dislike.

Have all participants go out as a group and shop for the ingredients, this can be done days prior to the actual cooking class.

Next, put all of the vegetable in the pot, along with the tomato sauce and the paste. The cabbage and potatoes may also be diced prior to actual cooking class. Ask all of the participants to place an ingredient in the pot with assistance if required. Let the soup simmer for about an hour or two depending upon the type of vegetables chosen for your Friendship Soup.

Once the soup os done, let it cool a bit, enjoy an bowl with your friends. Add a few soup crackers if you wish or place a few saltine crackers as a side treat to enhance the flavor of your soup. Encourage communication by discussing the soup and the ingredients, the taste, the warmth of friends and the warmth of soup relating to friendships.

Enjoy your Friendship soup and your friends, enjoy the warmth of both.

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