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Coping Skills

Web Design
Submitted by: Stephanie of Psychiatric hospital on 10-26-14

Size of Group: Any size.

Equipment/Supplies Needed:  Paper, coloring materials such as colored pencils, markers, etc.

Activity/Treatment Objective or Expected Outcome:  Increase Self-Awareness, Group Processing, Creative Expression, Coping Skills

Description of the Activity: Have clients draw a spider web and place themselves in it.  Have them also write words along the lines of the web that prevent them from moving forward (drugs, alcohol, relationships, etc).  Afterward, discuss what they chose to place in the web, how it feels to be stuck or trapped, and what they could use as coping skills to get "unstuck".


Coping Support Kit
submitted by Cindy Clark of the VA Hospital on Friday, April 7, 2000

Size: 4-10


Plastic Bag(s) (Zip lock bags preferred)
1 hersheys kiss & 1 hersheys hug

Objective: To support clients develop coping skills.

Description: You take the eraser, penny, marble, elastic, string, hersheys kiss and hersheys hug and put them in a (zip lock) baggie. Then you attach a note that reads: "Here is your personal coping kit. It contains an eraser to make mistakes disappear; a penny so you will never be completely broke; a marble for when you are sure you've lost yours; an elastic to help you stretch beyond your means; a string to hold life together when it seems to be falling apart; a hug and a kiss to remind you that someone cares about you!!!"


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