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Generation Game

submitted by Rebecca Hart of Friendship Village of Columbus on February 21, 2003

Equipment: Cards, pens

Objective: The Generation Game is a fun event where families were able to reminisce and also learn new things about one another.

Description: Prior to our Family Council meeting in Ridgewood (our Assisted Living Community), the Activity Department scheduled a program to try to encourage family/resident interaction as well as increase attendance at our Family Council meeting. The Generation Game was a spin-off of the popular television show The Newlywed Game.

Residents and their family members were paired together. Each team was asked a series of questions that tested the child s memory of their parent s favorite things. Questions such as where was your parents favorite vacation spot? Or who is their favorite movie star triggered much discussion and laughter. The questions were also reversed when Residents were asked about their children. Questions such as who was their son/daughter s best childhood friend? Family Members were given cards and markers and wrote their answers down. Residents gave their responses verbally. The team with matching answers got points and the winning team was awarded a bouquet of flowers one for the residents suite, one for the family to take home.

The Generation Game was a fun event where families were able to reminisce and also learn new things about one another. The best part was that the game was not only an enjoyable activity to participate in, but also very entertaining to watch. (We had our own studio audience!) Both Residents and family members had positive comments about the activity all had a good time.

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