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Cognitive Activities - Milk Trivia

Milk Trivia
submitted by SHARON LINDSAY on October 01, 2003

Size: 1 to 50+

Equipment: Public address system if group is too large to hear easily. Photocopied quiz sheets and pencils. For follow-up activity: small jar, heavy cream.

Objective: To stimulate thought processes and recall of information in long term memory. To have fun.

Description: TRIVIA QUIZ - MILK
1. Hey, Diddle-dittle, the cat and the fiddle; The ____ jumped over the moon.
2. In 1611, the first milk producing bovine arrived in America. It was a _____.
3. There are two basic types of cows. The type raised for meat is called _________.
4. The type raised for milk is called ________.
5. Which type are: Holstein, Jersey, Guernsey, Airshire and Brown Swiss?________
6. Cows' milk is stored in a bag on her underside called an ___________.
7. How much milk can a dairy cow produce in one day? 5 glasses 80 glasses 200 glasses
8. The thick, rich part of milk that comes to the top of a bottle is __________.
9. A cream separator is used to take off the layer of cream leaving ___________.
10. To blend the fatty simi-solids of milk and the watery fluid so milk will not separate in the bottle, milk is _____________.
11. To kill any bacteria that might be growing in milk it is __________________.
12. In the Tang Dynasty in China in about 700A, milk was seldom used to drink. Instead it was used for ___________.
13. Milk became more popular with kids in 1919 with the introduction of what dark brown, sweet flavoring?_________
14. The cream that is skimmed off of milk is delicious when beaten until foamy and put on strawberries or pumpkin pie in the form of _____.
15. A frozen food made from milk, eggs and flavoring and served on apple pie a la mode is _________.
16. At the 1904 World Fair, an ice cream vendor from Syria ran out of dishes so he sold ice cream on a rolled up wafer and created the ice cream ________.
17. The most popular flavor of ice cream is what?______
18. The most ice cream is sold on what day of the week?________-
19. At one time, it was considered sinful to eat rich, delightful ice cream on Sundays. But, because the most ice cream was sold on Sunday, that became the name of the dish. the spelling was changed to separate it from the Sabbath. So, now ice cream in a dish is spelled _________.
20. The average American eats how much ice cream each year? 14 quarts 2 quarts 30 quarts
21. Another milk product is made by churning milk to make _______.
22. The liquid remaining after the butter solids have formed is called ________________.
23. When curds of milk are pressed into cakes and cured, the resulting product that is good on crackers is ________.
24. The product that has some fluid from milk called whey and some solids called curds is _____.
25. Nearly everyone should drink milk and eat dairy products to help the body have strong ____ and _____.
FOLLOW-UP ACTIVITY; Make butter by filling a small jar about 2/3 full of heavy cream. Shake it until a small ball of sweet butter forms. (about 20 minutes) Rince off the butter in cold water and serve a taste on a cracker.

1. Cow
2. Cow
3. Beef cattle
4. Dairy cows
5. Dairy cows
6. Udder
7. 80 glasses
8. Cream
9. Whole milk
10. Homogenized
11. Pasteurized
12. Bathing
13. Chocolate
14. Whipped cream
15. Ice cream
16. Cone
17. Vanilla
18. Sunday
19. S U N D A E
20.14 quarts
21. Butter
22. Buttermilk
23. Cheese
24. Cottage cheese
25. Bones and teeth


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