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Mood Inspiring Pictures
submitted by Becky of NHS Human Services on November 26, 2010

Size of Group: 1-10

Equipment: Pictures, crayons/markers

Objective: Uplifted mood, inspiration, mood stabilizer

Description: Do some research before hand. The objective is to find pictures that trigger certain emotions or an outcome. For example, one idea is how colors have certain affects on your mood. Have clients color a box on a piece of paper a certain color, and whenever they want to feel that mood, they can pull that piece of paper out. Or if you work in an agency with other people, clients can decorate a wall with the different colors (that they have colored) and explain what each color means. This activity doesn't necessarily have to be colors either. For example, research has shown that smiling may increase life expectancy, so find a picture that may make someone smile and have them draw their own picture of something that makes them smile, and whenever they are feeling down all they have to do is pull out that picture. If you do research and find out a bunch of things and then find pictures on it, you can make a display for your room or wherever you are as a reminder that if you want to feel better or achieve a certain mood, just look at the picture. This activity can be interpreted and done in many different ways, just be creative with it!



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