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Cognitive Activities - Pick a Box

Pick a Box
Submitted by Donna Redfern of Cox/Collins Court Aged Care Facility on March 10, 2002

Size: small to large

Equipment: 18 boxes numbered from 1 - 6 different colors
Trivia questions, 1 dice, Whiteboard to score.

Objective: To increase cognitive stimulation

Residents are divided into two teams A & B.
Flip a coin to see which team goes first

First team rolls dice and the number on the box is turned over. A trivia question is asked and team is given a point for the correct answer.

The next team rolls the dice and the number on the box is turned over. Play continues until 12 of the boxes are turned over. The team with the most points gets to roll for pick a box.

Inserts in the boxes include instructions such as:
Recite the alphabet, Sing a song, You have one a prize.


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