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Remotivation Activities for Recreation Therapy

submitted by TRACY ADDARIO of GENESIS ELDERCARE on May 11, 2006

Size of Group: 10-30

Equipment: Varieties of seashells, snail shells,ect.,in containers w/cornmeal (gives the illusion of sand)cd, tape or sensory box with sounds of seashore, waves, seagulls,ect. Quiet enviroment/tables, chairs, scented candles w/warming burners (safe for ltc facilities)sunglasses, beachchairs, suntan lotion

Objective: this group can benefit both self directed individuals as well as the cognitively impaired,stimulating memories and conversation, encouraging socialization

Description: provide quiet atmosphere (without interuptions!) Set up candles with burners, put tables & chairs in a circle, set beach umbrella in view of entire group, & set containers w/seashells & cornmeal on each table. Explain purpose of group,offer suntan lotion(preferably coconut)& sunglasses. Have everyone introduce themselves and begin by discussing the ocean, vacations, saturday afternoon at the beach, ect. Give everyone a chance to

Remember the Traditional Foods!
Submitted by gina little on February 2, 2002

Size: more than 12

Equipment: card, past food labels which have been around for at least 20 years, sticky labels, pens and writing equipment and traditional sweets.

Objective: to remember foods which have been around since the clients were young and to remember the look smell and feel of products and how they have differed.

Description: ask friends, family and neighbours to collect traditional food labels which would easily be remembered prior to the activity. place on small boards and write a number next to each product. place the foods in categories such as confectionary, breakfast, snack and dinner. Place labels over the name of the product or the brand name. then use paper for the clients to guess the brand name or product name. put music from the 1960's on and pass the boards around the room with the clients in set groups. ask them to write the answers on paper. if the clients are blind, use products with a familiar feel or smell. Give the clients traditional sweets to smell, feel and taste and then go through the answers and talk about the meals and the types of foods they had as a child.

Ball Toss

submitted by Jennifer Price on January 7, 2001

Size: 5-??

Equipment: 1 Beach Ball and space!

Objective: Get some of the more withdrawn residents to exercise and interact with others - Great activity for those restricted to wheelchairs as well as residents who are independently mobile!

Description: I use a large, brightly colored beach ball so that the residents who won't play bingo or do puzzles because of their poor eyesight can play. (I blow it up halfway, and put a bit of helium in it, just to make it float a bit easier). I arrange the residents in a circle and I stand in the middle. At first, I go around the circle and throw the ball to each resident, prompting them to throw it back to me. (This is a good workout for you, too!) - Then once I've gone around the circle once or twice, I prompt them to throw the ball to each other across the circle. If it lands by their feet, encourage them to kick the ball (gently) - if it goes ofer their head, encourage them to reach up and catch it. I usually play for about an hour, and then I have to stop! (They could play all day long!)



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