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Spiritual Ideas

We can always pray
submitted by Karen Reedy-Wilcox of Southern Pines Healthcare Center on Saturday, October 30, 2004

Size: any size

Equipment: Bible, guitar or portable instrument, prayer box instument or c.d., bible, prayer box (the residents can make their own, paper, pens slips of paper, pens

Objective: To remind residents of power of prayer, to involve them in the meaningful activity of offering their prayers.

Description: Bring residents to a quiet area, if possible.
Seat comfortably. Invite resident to begin with opening prayer. Give residents slips of paper and pens (or staff may do the writing). Read any scripture passage regarding prayer. Invite each resident to give name(s) of persons(s) needing prayer. NOTE** first names for confidentiality. Keep requests brief. Put names on papers and put in prayer box. Offer closing prayer.

Spiritual Time
submitted by Joseph A. Mondano of MJHS Adult Day Health Center on October 02, 2003

Size: 15-20

Equipment: Scripture readings, chairs in a circle, a tape or CD player, spiritual tapes, 45 minutes for the group

Objective: To develop or enhance the patients well being by addressing their spiritual needs on a regular basis

Description: While patients may receive periodic pastoral care, in between you as a RT will find there are those who need something more. Therapeutic recreation can easily fill that need.

In my adult day health setting we do not call this time "Church," we call it "Spiritual Time."
The group leader or a patient-participant reads a selection from scripture, we ask the group to say familiar prayers, or to sing familiar spiritual songs.

You will note that the patients all have common memories of prayer and music and this acts as a comfort to them.

The RT should keep things light, a brief analysis of the reading (if you are Bible literate) is appropriate but please do not bore your patients who may already be sleepy. Maintain their participation by having them chose and sing songs they recall. Occasionally bring in tambourines or other instruments for use in praise.

You can also use carefully selected taped selections to set the mood. My Christian group also celebrates holidays together - having an Advent wreath every Advent (the period before Christmas) and special Lenten services during the lenten season (before Easter.)
Patients who have not responded to much else have looked forward to our weekly spiritual programs.

The group had become unified and I remind them that even if they miss a group, they are really always with us in spirit.

It has worked wonders in the maintenance of good health and good spirits around the facility.

Caring for the patients spiritual well being fortifies the holistic approach that makes TR work as well as it does.

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