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Activities of Daily Living

Nail Care
Submitted by Crystal Horne on October 13, 2002

Size: as many as you have room preferably 5 or 6

Equipment: nail polish, nail file, etc. be sure to have nail spray for the nails to dry, because dementia residents will be hard to keep hand still.

Objective: to keep their nails clean from germs and to help them feel good. women love to have their nails done. p.s. men love to have them trimmed and filed.

Description: have residents sit at table and place hands on table. ask them what polish they want give them choices, pinks, clears or reds. have them choose while you clean file and trim. ( it takes time for dementia residents to choose). have each resident move when nails are finished drying. this builds self esteem and gives them something to be proud of.

Fun With Cooking
submitted by Lorice Smith, CTRS\TRS of Goldsboro Parks & Recreation Dept. on April 29, 2000

Size of Group: 8 to 10

Equipment: 8 to 10 eager participants, all the usual cooking utensils; dry pasta, ingredients to make a house salad, dry drink mix, pasta sauce and the fun begins

Objective: The goal of this program is to: teach consumers how to utilize the kitchen and to become more independent in daily living skills. Also consumers are learning how to measure and build team skills. The expected outcome is to create an environment of independence.

Description: Gather clients into their kitchen or your designated cooking area if this is a community setting. Assign duties according to abilities. This insures that everyone feels comfortable with their task.

1. Assign the kool-aid makers (3), they must measure 1 cup of sugar to one package of drink mix, staff will assist with getting water if needed, allow consumers to do as much as possible before you step in to assist.

2. The next group of 3 will butter the bread before it goes into the oven. My group use plastic knives to insure safety.

3. Meanwhile, there is a group of two setting the tables in the dining area with one staff. The other two participants will prepare the pasta and warm the sauce. The group sit to eat and we compliment them on such a well done job.



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