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Sports Activities Played with a Ball - The Web's best selection of board games, brain teasers and puzzles.

"It is also important that all quality assurance activities, including risk management, be integrated or coordinated to the highest degree possible. In seeking evidence of integration, JCAHO surveyors will consider whether information is shared among appropriate staff members from different departments or services, whether attempts have been made to reduce duplication of efforts, and whether an individual, group, or committee is responsible for maintaining an overview of the nature and effectiveness of all quality assurance activities within the institution." (Affeldt, QA involves more than managing risk. Hospitals, 55 (2), 1981).
Trible soccer
Submitted by: Jeff Fajay

Size: 10 or more

Equipment: 3 soccer balls, a large area , 2 goals

Objective: To score has many points your team can in 15 min. To score shoot the ball in the net.

Description: Pick even teams. Each team can have 2 goalies. Play game just as it is in soccer expect that there are 3 balls in play at all time.


Socum- Best Dodgeball Game Ever
submitted by Charlie Dixon, WVU Hospitals

Unlike most dodgeball games in which players who get hit by the ball is knocked out of the game, Socum keeps everyone in play.

Description: Use two soft safe balls (rubber playground balls are too hard and dangerous) and two teams try to hit each other with the ball just like in traditional dodgeball games. What makes this game more enjoyable for all is that those that gets hit still remains in play. If a player is it, he simply goes to the back line of the dodgeball court. He is still on his original team and if he gets a ball, he can throw at an opponent and move him to their teams backcourt.

To Win: a team wins when all of his opponents are knocked out of the playing court into the backcourt.

Special rules can be set up by players. Examples: 1) if ball is caught, the player throwing the ball is moved to the backcourt. or at the catchers option, he can bring one of his player from the backcourt. to his front court 2) ball tossed at the head will not count as a hit.

Caution: As with any physical activity, there is a risk of physical injury. Participants must be cautioned about risks. Group leaders must be alert to over-aggressive play and temper flares and be prepared to stop the activity in mid-stream and process any inappropriate behaviors.

Expected Outcome: physical exercise, socialization, learning about fair play

One-Bounce Volleyball
submitted by Charlie Dixon, WVU Hospitals

Size of group: 2 to 20

Focus: physical activity, involvement by everyone in the group, competition, fair play

Description: In this slightly adapted game of volleyball, the ball is permitted to bounce on the ground once before a player hits it. Of course, players can still hit the ball in flight, but letting it bounce gives those not too physically adept in playing the game well. Soft safe balls should replace regular volleyballs to cut down and hand and wrist injuries.

If played in a small indoor gym, the game can be further modified to permit "Wally Ball-like" rules in which players are permitted to hit the balls off the walls and ceiling.

Fair Play and Team Play considerations: Before playing any competitive sports, group leaders should try to empower the group by encouraging them to determine how to solve conflicts during play. This may be a part of the pre-activity discussion. Discussion around use of positive feedback may also be held. Players giving + feedback during games should be praised.

Expected Outcome: improved social interactions, learning about fair play, learning how to express positive feedback, fun, physical exercise.


Add your favorite sport activities for others to use.

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