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Not Quite Jeopardy

DeSalvatore and Roseman (1986) used activities such as new games to engage hospitalized children with emotional impairments and their families. An increase in self-esteem for parents and children, an increase in positive communication among family members, and an improved behavior management by parents were noted.

Group Size: 10 to 50

Functional Level: Medium to High to participate actively

Equipment: Various questions you create as described below, a wall or blackboard

Description: The game is set-up much like TV's Jeopardy with a board containing various questions and values for each question. The game is best set up with two teams. All the participants may shout out the answers, raise their hands, or ring a bell.... or you may select contestants (3 to 6 players per team). When the question is asked, all players (or if you prefer, the team that raises their hand or rings a bell first) may answer the question.

Now, the reason the game is called "Not Quite Jeopardy" is because instead of asking trivia-type questions, the game is based on visual clues. For example, in the category of HAIR APPARENT, show a picture of a famous person's hair (without the face, of course). Each picture should be enlarged on a copy machine so people in the back can see. Here are some categories and ideas....


picture of famous person's hair


cost of items in the year 1950


close-ups of objects

100- Elvis 100- pack of cigarettes 100- game of jacks
200- Ronald Reagan 200- roll of toilet paper 200- a razor blade
300- George Washington 300- 12' LP record 300- ping-pong paddle
400- Groucho Marx 400- gallon of gas 400- thermometer
500- blank (any bald person) 500- game of Monopoly 500- pencil

Make up a number of categories.... the more visual the clues the better.

You can use these visual puzzles as warm-ups prior to reminiscing groups, social sessions, etc. The visual aspect of this game makes it quite appealing and keeps everyone focused.


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