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Know Thy Neighbor

"...withdraw, isolation, and/or inappropriate social interactions are specific symptoms of many mental illnesses..... recreational activities offer a natural medium for developing social skills. Rather than talking about about them, or role playing social skills in a contrived situation, engagement in recreational activities offers a natural opportunity to utilize necessary skills and experience natural consequences of one's behavior." (Annad, Therapeutic Recreation Treatment in Psychiatry, Leisure & Mental Health, eds. Compton & Iso-Ahola, 1994)

Know Thy Neighbor

Size of Group: Large or small.... set game up differently based on size of group

Activity Objective: to get to know each other

Setup: Create a least 20 question designed to obtain information about others. Examples are given below. Pass out the questions to the participants during or prior to the activity. Each participant must answer the questions without showing the responses to others.

Collect the responses when complete


Divide the group into two teams. Read aloud question #1 (example: 7 kittens need a home, would you adopt all six?). Ask Team B to vote if they think more than 50% of Team A voted YES. (Majority rules in the voting). If Team B is correct they earn a point... otherwise, Team A earns the point.

Now, ask Team A the same question about Team B. Repeat the above process.

Move on to question # 2 and repeat the process. Its OK to stop and encourage participants to share stories stimulated by the questions.... example, Mr. Jones considers himself a good flirt (question #2).... lets hear more about it!

  1. Name your favorite activity
  2. Name your favorite color
  3. Are you superstitious?
  4. Would you work as a police officer?
  5. If the elevator lights go out, would you goose someone?
  6. What type of music do you like the best?
  7. Have you ever fallen in love at first sight?
  8. Have you ever eaten bugs or dirt when you were a kid?
  9. Name your favorite fast-food restaurant.
  10. Would you teach the group to do the Hokey-Pokey or the Achy-Breaking

Obviously, the questioning format will change with different types of questions on the questionnaire. For example, with question #1 (Name your favorite activities), you can ask Team B, "Name the one person on Team A who likes to ski," or "Did more than 50% of the people on Team A say they liked bingo as their favorite activity?"


Large Group- for each question, select a panel of 4 to 5 participants for whom you will read only their responses. The panel can change for each question.

Small Group- take extra time to permit discussions and give everyone an opportunity to share and talk.


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