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Pictionary Plus

Research by Fink and Beddall Fink (1986) report that family leisure programs for inpatient psychiatric hospitals was effective in enhancing family role definitions, in promoting cooperative interaction skills, and in the development of leisure skills and concepts.

The game of "Win, Lose, or Draw" and "Pictionary" is familiar to many. The following modifications and ideas can be added to enhance the game.

A. TALK IT OUT: Instead of drawing clues on the board, have the participants give verbal clues within an agreed upon time limit. This version is reminiscent of "Password" and "Taboo" and several other commercial games. The clue-give cannot use any part of the word as he or she tries to describe it. You may limit the clue-giver to using single words or allow sentences.

This is a great game in small groups and in large group game-night events.

B. DRAW IT OUT: This is the traditional "Win, Lose, or Draw" game. You may have the participants take turns drawing on a large white board or a black board. Or, teams may circle up with sheets of paper. The first team to correctly guess the drawn clue wins the round.

C. CUT IT OUT: Give the clue-give a pair of scissors and a sheet of paper. Now challenge them to cut out the clue. Encourage the clue-give to cut out the shapes and if others can't guess what it is.... to use the cut object the way its is supposed to be used. For example, if the clue is "Cup," and others can't guess what it is, have the clue-giver use it as if he's drinking coffee.

D. ACT IT OUT: Hey! Its charades! Keep the clues niche and simple. Single word clues do well.

E. MOLD IT OUT: Use clay or putty to shape out the clues. This version is a little more difficult and require more time.

F. COMBINE IT ALL IN ONE GAME: A great game night activity is to combine all the clue-giving methods described above. You may come up with a creative way of which clue-giving method is selected. One way is for a participant to roll a giant die. A toss of 1 is choice. 2 is TALK IT OUT. 3 is DRAW IT OUT. 4 is ACT IT OUT. 5 is CUT IT OUT. And 6, is MOLD IT OUT. Give the clue-giver more time and points for the more difficult clue-giving methods.


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