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Poster, calendar, & other means to advertise programs

Activities Calendar by
submitted by Sheri Schantz of Corporate Consultant - facility activity director on February 28, 2008

Size of Group: you can create a calendar for each level of care

Equipment: Internet connection

Objective: Creating the monthly calendar within budget

I was very reluctant to use this company when my administrator told me about them. After the first try, I was hooked. This site is hands down the best way to get a great calendar. They do all of our facilities and they also do newsletters. I used to create my calendar a different way (online) but then I had to go to Kinko's. Now I can do everything online and it gets delivered to my facility. They are cheaper than Kinko's, and I saved tons of time instead of chasing down all the people and gas money to get my monthly calendar done.

submitted by Angel Bell-Miklas of Woodward Estate Assisted Living on June 30, 2003

Each month when I complete the upcoming calendar I make a trip to Kinko's or nearest copy store. There I have them enlarge the calendar to 4"X 3". This usually take a few minutes and cost under $10.00. once that is done I pull out my colored markers and invite the residents to join me for a quiet afternoon of chit-chat as we color in the clip art and what-nots on the calendar. Often times I use this project as some downtime for myself. I then post this calendar on our community board for all to see. I like to cover the board with seasonal fabric or cut outs to add a splash of color. I get many compliments on my calendar board. I'm always asked how I plan on decorating the next month's board...I also get some great ideas and help from my residents

Daily Board
submitted by Darlene Revell, Activity Director of Ginter Hall South on May 6, 2000

Equipment: Magnetic board, magnets to be pasted to back of listings, easel or wall to hang the magnetic board

Objective: To display the daily activities for everyone that passes through the lobby of the facility. The residents use this board more often than the news letter provided to them each month. When I first started the job, the daily activities were displayed in a hand written form that was not very attractive and needed some revamping. The lobby of our facility is very nice and reflects the rest of the facility, so I needed to come up with something that was neat, attractive and fit with the setting.

Description: You can be very creative with this method. At the arts and crafts store you will find a spongy sheet that comes in a variety of colors. I use white for everyday activity listings and colored for holiday and special events. Each sheet is the size to a regular piece of typing paper and can be cut to fit. You will also need to purchase black letters with sticky back. Choose your size, I use 1" letters. For each activity that you repeat each week and month, make a strip and spell out the activity. On the back of the strip paste magnets on each end and in the middle. Each day when it is time to update your board, just choose the activity that corresponds to your calendar.

Replacement becomes very quick and simple and it is nice looking. You can find different shapes and colors cut out already to decorate the board. The possibilities are endless.

Displaying Our Calendar
submitted by Mel of Atria on February 18, 2000.

Equipment: large paper, colored pencils, stickers decorations

Description: At my facility we have a 4x5 window display for our calendar. We write it out with colored pencils on 3foot x 4foot paper and decorate it along with the entire surrounding area. It is very attractive and is located next to the Activities Room so everyone passes it daily and is aware of the current activities. We also are fortunate enough to havewhat we call a community board where we display various things, the residents love it.

Monthly Calendar
submitted by Lori Sacksteder of Community Hospital-Springfield Ohio

I just wanted to share with you this idea on creating a different type of monthly calendar. When I first started my new job last week the activity calendar was not very attractive so I began to work with my color printer and added some color and graphics to the existing calendar, and then I looked into the cost for color copies. When I did that I had not yet known how expensive color copies were. it was suggested to me that since the budget was small and it's a 41 bed unit that I make the color copies and then have the hospital volunteers laminate them, and reuse them every month putting the date on them with an overhead marker. Now this will only work if you have the same activities at the same time every week like I do on the skilled nursing unit. Also, stickers can be used for holidays and special dates. And in the long run this should be more cost efficient while at the same time brighten up the patient's rooms.

Resident's love this large calendar
submitted by Kathy Watson SunBridge Care & Rehabilitation for Dresden

I use my computer to make my colored calendars. Then I go to my local printing co.(if you tell them who this calendar is for they will give you a discount) I have them blow up a very large colored calendar for everyone to see. All the residents loved the the large calendar and the different pictures I use each month.

To create more colorful and imaginative newsletters
submitted by Christine Allen of Newmarket Health Center

Another simple suggestion to add color and creativity to your monthly calandars would be to purchase a clipart design package. In Canada I purchased a cd rom with over 45,000 clip art designs for only $25.00. It has everything you need to make borders, add pictures, and bring your calandars and newsletters to life!


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