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Puzzles - The Web's best selection of board games, brain teasers and puzzles.

Pair Share
Submitted by Pennie on Friday, September 22, 2000

Equipment: A Pair Share sheet for each person participating. The answer sheet for the instructor. Clock if setting a time limimt on game. A prize, optional.

Objective: Cognitive Function, Self Confidence, Self Worth, Self Esteem, Decrease Stress &/or Depression, & Problem Solving Objective: Each player will benefit in several ways. Letter/Word recognition & Directional Recognition. (There are other benefits for games, but because of limited space not all of these can be provided.) Also adapt games to the cognitive level you are dealing with.

DIRECTIONS: What do the following paired items have in common?

1. A typewriter & a piano ________________________
2. Any state & a solvent business ________________
3. A dog & a tree ________________________________
4. A billard game & a actor ______________________
5. A chimney & a bank ____________________________
6. A wagon & a woman _____________________________
7. An airplane & a kite __________________________
8. An electric light & a tuplip __________________
9. A bull & a trombone player ____________________
10. A violin & any large river ___________________
11. Oue flag & a farm ____________________________
12. An apple & a father's pipe ___________________

Answers to Pair Share
1. keys 2. capital 3. bark 4. cue
5. draft 6. tongue 7. tail 8. bulb
9. horn 10. bridge 11. field 12. stem

This was a game from:
Dorothea Coleman, M.A., CTRS, CLP


Trivia and a Geographical Map
submitted by Melissa Krakower

Size of Group: 2-10 people

Equipment: A puzzle of a map (U.S.A., International, Continental, State)

Objective: The patients to gain an increased knowledge of various geographical areas through trivia. The patients will increase group socialization skills and ability to work with others.

Description: There is a puzzle of a map and the pieces should not be inserted. The therapist should ask the patient about a certain place on the map. In order for the patient to place the piece in the puzzle, they must tell you one fact about that place. The fact can be a city, a capitol, the home of a sports team. It is important to leave the door open and be flexible. There is no point system involved or external rewards. This game will continue until the puzzle is completed. This game is fun and educational. You can explore different avenues for the trivia. The trivia can be capitols, cities, towns, birds, sports teams, etc.


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