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Large Group Quiet Activities - The Web's best selection of
board games, brain teasers and puzzles.

Know your flags
submitted by Julie Fergus of Edina Care Center on August 28, 2003

Size: 1player and up.

Equipment: pictures of flags, large map of the world.

Objective: cognitive stimulation, global and cultural awareness, sense of accomplishment for the verbally impaired.

Description: Copy a variety of flags from other countries. Pin up a large map of the world on the wall. Display 3 flags. Give a description of a country of one of the flags being displayed, pointing to the country on the map for one of the hints. Have contestants pick the flag, from the three choices seen, that represents the country being described.

"Smart Auction" 
submitted by Cheryl Fuentes of CRT on December 8, 2001

Size: 3-30?

Equipment: Pretend money in multiple denominations. Prizes (try to get daily need items rather than decorative items)

Objective: To inspire participants to use their memory and have fun at the same time.

Description: Prior to the game, give each participant the same amount of "money". Using paper money, you may give out a $100 bill, a $20 bill, a $10 bill, a $5.00 bill and a single or give out multiples of one denomination. After money is given out, leader asks a question taken from a "Trivia Pursuit" type of game or book. He tells the participants that this question will be worth a certain amount of money. The first person to guess the answer gets the money. After a sufficient amount of time, the question portion of the game is over. Participants count up their money and then are give the ability to purchase "auction" items with their money.

What's In The Bag
submitted by Lisa Laveglia of The Nursing Center at Oak Summit on June 21, 2000

Size: 5-20 people

Equipment: big bag and objects to go inside (for example: spatula, hairbrush, pencil, bottle of nail polish, emery board, tube of toothpaste, etc.)

Objective: stimulates thought process and memory

Description: Put between 10 and 15 objects in a large bag. Staff person keeps a list of all objects.

Seat residents in a circle and have them reach inside the bag and identify each object by touch (do not allow them to remove objects from the bag or look inside the bag). Record each persons guesses on a piece of paper. After everyone has made their guesses, staff compares it to their master list to determine who has the most guesses correct. A small prize may be given for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place.

Senior Scattagories
submitted by Lisa Laveglia of The Nursing Center at Oak Summit on June 21, 2000

Size of Group: 5-20 people

Equipment: 2 stacks of index cards

Objective: stimulate thought process

Description: Separate index cards into stacks. On first stack, write a letter of the alphabet on each card. On second stack, write a subject (for example: Animal, Something found in a house, famous person, etc.)

Have each resident choose a card from each stack, without looking at what's written on them. They must come up with something in the subject matter that begins with the letter they have chosen. If they cannot, set it out to the rest of the group and see if they can come up with an answer. This can also be set up in teams.

Who ever gets it wrong - wins
submitted by Emily Carton of Carton/Labier Geriatric Services - Assisted Living in Northern Virginia on 2-24-99

Size: 2-99

Equipment: facts or trivia about any subject or holiday

Objective: I use this for middle stage Alzheimer's residents

Description: An example of this is something I do on St. Patrick's Day - but any day or holiday will do. I set up a quiz game asking questions about the holiday and then I call on the residents. Whoever gets the answer WRONG gets a prize 9 usually chocolate kisses. It is very funny because when someone does give the right answer, they lose, and everyone laughs. And those who don't remember the answer correctly wins anyway. For those who remember the correct answer and don't get the prize feel great anyway for knowing the answer. Everyone wins!

Luxury Price is Right
Lora Vaccher of Providence Adult Day Health Center on August 11, 1999

Size of Group: any size

Equipment: information on prices of luxury items (I used the Internet) others can call around and get quotes from local dealers

Objective: FUN-Guesstimation (cognitive)

Description: Divide into 2 teams with a team captain
Facilitator will show pictures to both groups and the teams will discuss amongst each other what they think the item costs. Number each item on the page shown and put in order to total. The team closest to the correct total of all items wins. Prizes can be given to closest individual guesses too! Example of items to price: caviar, Clydesdale foal, antique vintage Indian vest, truffles from France, Alpaca carpet bag, diamond ball-point pen set, ivory chess set, gold-plated limousine, Queen for the Day Spa package and a catered Millennium party for 50.


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