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Riddles.... good ones and silly ones

Riddles can help you build rapport with clients. Open up your recreation therapy group with a riddle to stimulate thinking, to break down barriers, and to promote laughter.

Are you Sure?

If you entered a dark room with only one match, which would you light first? The candle, oil lamp, or the kindling wood? (The match)

Take 2 apples from 3. What do you have? (2 apples)

A jet passenger plane was flying over the Canadian-American border. The plane crashed right on the border. On which side of the border would you bury the survivors. (You don't bury the survivors)

How many animals of each species did Moses take aboard the Ark? (none, Moses didn't take animals on the Ark.... Noah did)

A farmer had 20 sick (almost pronounced as 26) sheep. One died. How many live sheep did the farmer have left? (19... everyone will say 25)


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