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STUNTS: Activities for Recreation Therapy - The Web's best selection of board games, brain teasers and puzzles.

"The play world is the child's natural medium for personal growth and positive learning. Young people are the masters of this magic realm-- they play the most and are the most influenced by play." (Orlick, Cooperative Sports & Games Book, 1982)

Frozen foot

Have a volunteer stand with his right foot and right shoulder against the wall without bending the right knee. Now, boldly announce that you are going to freeze his left foot simply by touching it with your pinkie finger.

Press your pinkie finger lightly on his left foot and invite the volunteer to lift his left foot. It can't be done!

Frozen body

Invite a volunteer to sit in a chair and fold his arms across his chest. Then ask him to straighten his body and legs with his shoulders resting on back of the chair. He should be like a stiff board.

Now, move behind the chair and ask the volunteer to tip his head back and look at you. Place a finger on his forehead and press down firmly. Then invite the volunteer to get up. He can't.... so announce boldly that your finger is stronger than he is.

Magnetic Hands

Invite everyone in the group to make a fist and place the inner sides of their fists side-by-side. Now ask them to press the sides of their fists against each other for 2 to 3 minutes.

Tell them to slowly pull apart (slowly!) their fists and that they should feel a magnetic attraction. Somehow, the fists will feel like they are magnetic and will move back toward each other!


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