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West Virginia System for Moderately, Severely, & Profoundly Handicapped

developed by John D. Cone, Ph.D.

Sample protocol....

SKILL AREA: Recreation-Leisure SUB-AREA: Plays with Others OBJECTIVE NO. Plays-1
OBJECTIVE: Given an area or a room full of toys, the student engages in solitary play for 15 minutes
X Sign Language
Use of Hands
MASTERY CRITERION: 3 correct responses out of 4 for 2 consecutive sessions
No Supervision Sm. Group (2-4)
Min. Supervision Lg. Group (>4)
X One Student -

1. Place student in room with several toys. (Be sure that you have previously assessed student's toy preference so that some of the student's favorite toys are present._ If possible step outside room and view student through a one-way mirror for 5 minutes. (If such a room is not available, move to corner of room and observe unobtrusively.) I CORRECT, continue to observe for another 5 minutes. If still CORRECT, at end of 10 minutes (i.e., student has been playing with toys alone during entire time), praise student by saying something like, "____, I like the way you played by yourself." Continue until mastery criterion is met. If INCORRECT or NO RESPONSE, (at either the 5' or 10' period) go to Step 2.

2. Say, "___, play with the toys by yourself." Then step back or out of room (if one-way mirror is available) and observe for 5 minutes without interacting with student in any way during that time. If CORRECT, reinforce and repeat Step 1. If STILL INCORRECT, go to Step 3.

3. Repeat Step 2, but place student's favorite toy in his/her hand before steeping back, and say "___, play with this toy." (If the student begins to play with the toy reinforce immediately.) Repeat the signal "___, play with this toy," and step back to observe for 10 minutes. If CORRECT, reinforce and return to Step 1. If INCORRECT, go to Step 4.

4. Repeat Step 1, but reinforce the student after 1 minute of solitary play. Gradually increase the amount of time you observe before praising the student. When student plays for 10 minutes, reward and return to Step 1. If repeatedly INCORRECT, go to Step 5.

5. (Check to be sure toys are reinforcing for the student). Try the method of a previous objective, write a new sub-objective, write a new method, or consult the Scope, Sequence, and Correspondence chart for additional teaching sources.


Room with one-way mirror (optional)

Several Toys

- SOURCE: W. Ritchey, 4-78

John Cone, WVU, Morgantown, WV 26505 (1978)


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