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Stuffed Animals
submitted by Felecia Kershner of Nursing home on April 23, 2007
Size of Group: as many as you can handle
Equipment: Good scissors, needle, thread, various felt colors, beans, cotton, anything else like pom poms to decorate their favorite animal.
Objective: To have the resident help make their own stuffed animal. Residents can keep the animals, give them to their grand kids or donate to little kids in an orphanage
Description: Determine what animal each participant like best. Download a large clip art image of the animal and trace (or draw) it on to a piece of felt. Make two copies of that animal and cut them out. Hand stitch or sew most of the animal together. To make is so that animal can sit/stand, put beans in the bottom. Stuff the rest of the animal with cotton. Sew/stitch the rest of the animal up and decorate the animal with any tails or noses. We used wobbly eyes for our animals!

Quilt and Craft Show
submitted by Debbie Aho of Ashlan Village on July 28, 2009

Size of Group: Entire facility invited to participate

Equipment: quilt racks, tables, paper to label each item

Objective: Residents were able to show the things they have made and may not be able to make now. They were very proud to show their quilts, clothing, poetry, and other craft items.

Description: We let the families know ahead of time in our newsletter about the show. Many brought the items as well as quilt racks to display them on. I took some wooden dowel type curtain rods from my house and hung them with heavy string from the molding. I was amazed how many items we had to display and how much people enjoyed looking at them. A few even had a price tag on them. Talent came out of the woodwork and it was nice to see how proud they were of their work.

socks.gif (4283 bytes) Stuffed Animal Socks
Submitted by Leanne Cornell, First year TR student at Concordia University

As a TR student here at Concordia University (Canada), I had to come up with a program for intellectually impaired teens. I came up with the idea of making stuffed animals using socks.

Materials: old socks, cotton batting, elastics or rubber bands, fabric paint (puffy paint in small tubes), foam shapes, pipe cleaners and other miscellaneous fabrics for decoration.

Directions: I made a caterpillar by separating the body into four round section tying the ends with the elastics requiring no sewing at all. You can decorate them any way you want to I put a tiny straw hat on mine that I got at the fabric store for 30 cents.

Expected Outcomes: Raising self esteem, taking pride in the completed project, have lots of fun doing it and creativity and the use of imagination.

Note: Basically you can do what ever you want with this idea.... any animal could probably work. Have fun tell me how it goes if anyone tries the idea.

Easy make pomanders
submitted by Cher Oddy of National housing Association on Sunday, February 23, 2003

Size: up to 6

Equipment: voile, pinking shears, cotton wool balls, ribbon, essential oils.

Objective: Therapeutic due to the essential oils used (lavender, chamomile or rosemary) which are all relaxing. Sense of achievement in making something different.

Description: I draw a circle on the material and my more able residents cut it out. Then we pull the cotton wool ball apart and place in the Centrex of the circle. Add a few drops of the chosen oil ( I let the residents smell each one so they can choose) Pull the voile up around the wool ball and twist, then get your resident to tie the ribbon around the bundle while you hold on to it. Leave a loop with the ribbon so the pomander can be hung up in their wardrobe to make the clothes smell nice!

What is a pomander? Its defined as: "A mixture of aromatic substances enclosed in a bag or box as a protection against odor or infection, formerly worn on one's person but now usually placed in a dresser drawer or closet." American Heritage Dictionary

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