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Wheel of Fortune Type Games

Wheel of Fortune with Therapeutic Themes
submitted by Judy Key on January 24, 2008

Size of Group: enough to make two or more teams

Equipment: Dry erase board, dry erase markers, two die, anger/stress/healthy relationships bingo game

Objective: education on the topic, team building, risk taking, leadership, cogitive stimulation, frustration tolerance

Description: Write the category (anger, stress) on the top of the board and five subcatergory (causes, consequence) below it. Write out the alphabet across the board (underline the vowels if you are working with people who may not know or remember them). Pick a phrase from under the subcatergory and put an equivilant numbers of blank lines as letters in the puzzle on the board. Pick wich team will go first and instuct them to roll the die. Whatever number the roll they wi l l receive those points if the letter they choose is in the puzzle. If they roll a 6 and guess the lettter T and T is in the puzzle they get 6 points no matter how many T's are in the puzzle. If they roll a double they are bankrupted and they loose their turn and points. If the letter is not in the puzzle their turn is over, they do not loose their points. If the team wants to buy a vowel, vowels are one point and must be purchased before the die are rolled. Points roll over each round, teams must agree on the letter (a team captin may be good). Erase the letter once a team picks it.

To complete all five subcatergories on the bingo board usually take a little over a hour. Team that wants to solve the puzzle can only solve if is their turn.

As an example if the category is Anger, the subcategory phrases can be:

1) Anger is an emotion
2) It is OK to be angry but not Ok to act out in anger.
3) etc.

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