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Answer to Boggle (tm) game

January 1997

Boggle. Make as many words from the Boggle board as possible.


RULES: ------------>

You should be able to find at least 19 words.

1) using the Boggle board on the left, make as many words as you can and add it to the above white board. No Proper Names permitted. No single letter or two letter words accepted. Points taken away for repeat words! Careful.

2) words can only be formed by adjacent letters in any direction... horizontal, vertical, diagonal, & even L, T, & other shapes as long as the letters are in sequence.

3) once you use a letter in a word, you cannot reuse that letter.... for example, if the letters D E R were in sequence, you can't spell out DEER by using the letter E twice.

ANSWER: (lept, as many submitted, is not a legal word)

  1. else
  2. espy
  3. hen
  4. hens
  5. hint
  6. hit
  7. hoe
  8. hot
  9. hype
  10. hyphen
  11. hyphens
  12. into
  13. ley
  14. lye
  15. nee
  16. neo
  17. nit
  18. phi
  19. ply
  20. see
  21. seen
  22. sent
  23. slept
  24. sly
  25. spy
  26. the
  27. thee
  28. then
  29. thin
  30. thy
  31. tin
  32. toe
  33. type
  34. yep
  35. yelp
  36. yelps


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