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Game Player's Hall of Fame

Congratulations to winners of the TR Directory's Game of the Month....

January 1997 winner of the Boggle (tm) game was.... Colleen H. Campbell with 24 right out of possible 36 answers.

December 1996 winner of the "You Should Know It" game was Louis Long.

December 1996 winner of the "You Should Know It" game was Louis Long.

October 1996 winner of the "High Low" game was Michael Fortin with 9 of 10 correct responses.

August 1996 winner of "License Plate Game" was Eileen Curtis with 10 of 10 correct answers. Others came close, but Eileen had it exactly right! Answers to the puzzles are listed here.

June 1996 winner of "Letters of the Alphabet" was Scott Mackenzie. 31 people participated in this month's game. The answers were: o-ring, q-tip, u-haul, f-stop, c-section, e-mail, d-day, y-chromosome, r-rated, and x-ray.

April 1996 winner of "I WOULD OF BEEN..." contest was Michelle Wingfield.

March and April Winners of the "Market Slices" game were Kristin Wiggins, Carol Ann Manson, Brenda Bogart, Terri, and Jennifer Charles. They all had 9 of 9 correct answers. Congratulations!

February 1997 Winner of the Recreation Trivia Contest were Brenda Bogart, Lisa McCahill, Patricia Schmidt, Tricia Jones, Merryn L. Oliviera, and Erica Pelley who all had 9 of 9 correct answers. A total of 126 attempts at the correct answer were made.

November 1996 Winner of the "Viking Scavenger Hunt" was.... no one, shucks!

September 1996 winner of "Cartoon Quotes" was Grace Schulz with 6 out to 10 correct responses. This was one of the tougher game this year.

July 1996 winner of "CARICATURES I" game was Janice Larson with 7 correct answers out of 10. Click here to see the puzzle and a nswers.

May 1996 winner of "WORDLES" contest was Cathi Havens with 8 correct answers out of 10. Getting 7 out of 10 were Brian Claus, Jeff Thompson, Michelle Wingfield, Eduardo Matos and Lora Serra.

March 1996 winner of USELESS PRODUCTS Contest was Joan Wagemester.



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