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December 1996

Answers to: You Should Know It!!

Given below are ten question that you ought to know the answers. But then, maybe not. See if you do.

1) What two letters are not found on the telephone dial?

2) What is the last word of "The Star-spangled Banner?"

3) Is the cold water spigot usually on the left or the right?

4) What is the highest number on the bingo card?

5) How many different properties can be bought in a Monopoly game?

6) In the United States, how many states have more than one word in their names?

7) On the front of a man's shirt, are the button holes on the right hand or the left?

8) Is a #10 crochet hook bigger or smaller and a #1?

9) Whose face is on the $10 bill?

10) What is the name of the 1st commercial hit computer game?



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