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Answer to the Cartoon Quotes Game

September 1996

I enjoy reading the comics, don't you? I encourage patients to read the comics, cut out comics that are humorous, share them with group members, and post them on the units bulletin boards. Posted below are words spoken by some of our comic heros and characters. Guess the name of the cartoon for each of the comic quotes give below? The winner of this game was GRACE SHULTZ.

1) Whar's Paw with my Sodey Pop?
2) Why don't you play with the boy, George?
3) Leroy hasn't much of a future... or a present, for that matter.
4) Bring me two this time, Pet, and save your legs.
5) The first caucus is still months away, but there's growing concern here that George Bush's failure to show a political profile-- any political profile-- is starting to hurt.
6) I'm dieting to make Charlene sick! To make Andrea feel fat! And so every man I've ever met will hate himself for having blown his big chance with me! Ha! Ha!
7) A fine crowd turned out to see you Sire.
8) As cats go, you're approaching the golden years.
9) All my life I've dreamed that some day I would become a bigspender. Now its finally come true, I am a big spender... "Sigh" on the utility bills, the mortgage, the taxes, the car payments....
10) Cora's always mad at me because she thinks I don't give her enough money.



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