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started January 1997 - this survey is closed to new responses

Responses: New Year's Resolutions

Responses: 22

Professional or Student:  
Professional - 15 Student - 6
Layperson - Other -
If you are a professional are you certified as CTRS by NCTRC?  
Yes- 10 No- 5

I resolve to complete and publish my most recent initiative which relates to decreasing risk at hospital food events. I work in a continuing care facility in Canada and have been mandated by my organization to address this very serious issue.

To expand my knowledge of T.R to the fullest of my abilities. Also, to try to incorporate what I learn in T.R into my present internship.

For our field to be fully recognized and appreciated in Canada or at least in Quebec because not many people even know what or who we are.

To be accepted for publication in the TRJ

It is not a resolution but rather an incredible dream - to have all of the 39000+ persons working in the field be credentialed at the CTRS level and then to have each of those CTRSs be a member of ATRA or NTRS or ultimately both. Let's all try to make that happen!

To have therapeutic recreation as a related service in the local school district.

To live each day in '97 to the fullest!!

To attend TR conferences for my CEU's and professional development. To use my TR skills and experience to make a career change. (New job)

To figure out if RT is really for me, is this what I shall do for the rest of this gift we call life?!

To change the way my department is viewed. The LTC facility I work at does not understand what RT is or what I am trained to do. I also want to sit for the CTRS exam.

I don't make resolutions! Only to keep trying to do my best!!

Remember the importance of my own leisure.

To play more!! To obtain a new TR job in Western Montana.

Learn a new activity every season.

To regain employment as a CTRS, and to help promote my professsion to all who still are unsure of what a CTRS does.

As a student studying Recreation Leadership, I hope to explore therapeutic recreation in more depth. Thanks to co-op placement and your website, my therapeutic horizons can now be expanded. In 1997, I want to learn more for myself and take these findings into the work force in oder to assist others. Jessica Brown: Fanshawe College, London, Ontario, Canada.

I just completed my MS degree requirements in TR and I resolve to have a job in the field before I run out of money and have to move back home with my parents. K. Newton EKU grad.

I've got to get out more!!! RECREATE!!

To continue my never ending education of other proffessionals as to what the @#%& a recreation therapist is!?

To find an internship!!!

The lease functional, most problem filled clients are the name of the game. If they were "OK", they would not really need you now would they? Being needed is part of the beauty of TR. Touch all of them, but touch "the least of them" the most. Joe Mondano NYS-CLA:




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