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Therapeutic Recreation Surveys and Polls

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Your funniest story at work!!!!

Assessment Tools Used by Recreation Therapists
Passing the JCAHO (Medicare, CARF, etc) Survey
Tell us about your university's or college's TR Program
Competencies.... in what do RT/TR's need to be competent to perform their tasks?
Great Internship Sites
The Human-side of the Benefits of TR/RT Services
Great Holiday Activity Ideas
Risk Management, Share Incident Prevention Tips
Your Thoughts on Licensure
Types of activities you use in conducting group sessions. Your favorite group activity.
Your typical day.... # of groups, # of patients seen, time spent on paperwork.
Activity Analysis. Who's using it? Is it beneficial? Best methods?
Current issues affecting your agency.... share thoughts and ideas.
Is your agency seeking reimbursement for TR services? Share process, tips, etc.
What Would You Do..... if a group of rehab patients are caught drinking beer on a camping trip?
What Would You Do..... if you are on a walk with a group of patients and one of them runs away at a crowded intersection?
What Would You Do..... if you are sled riding with a group of psychiatric patients and several of them gets hurt and a news photographer is taking pictures of the scene and of the patients?
Are universities doing an adequate job of training students for a career in therapeutic recreation?

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