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Started June 1996 - this surveys is closed to new responses

Wellness of Recreation Therapists


Demographic Information

# of Respondents = 20



Avg Yrs of Practice


Sex & Avg Age

Adminstrator = 5
Direct Service Provider=7
Educator = 1
On-Line Supervisor = 2
Student = 4
Other = 1

(194/16) = 12.15

CTRS = 14 Not Certified = 23 CTRA = 0

# of Males =7 # of Females = 13 Age = (631/20) = 31.55


Modem Speed


300 = 1 28800 = 7

1200 = 1 33600 = 0

2400 = 1 ISDN = 0

14400 = 9 Other = 1


1. Do you choose healthy foods such as high-quality protein food, fruits & vegetables, grains, etc. each day? ----Absolutely---Most times----Sometimes------Rarely-------Never----
2. Do you exercise vigorously for at least 20 minutes three or more times a week? ----Absolutely---Most times----Sometimes------Rarely-------Never----
3. Do you self-medicate (including alcohol and tobacco) in trying to reduce stress? ------Never--------Rarely------Sometimes------Often-------Daily-----
4. Are you aware of stress symtoms in your body? ----Absolutely---Most times----Sometimes------Rarely-------Never----
5. Do you usually have enough energy to get through the day without feeling tired and depleted? ----Absolutely---Most times----Sometimes------Rarely-------Never----
6. Can you change negative thoughts and feelings into positive ones? ----Absolutely---Most times----Sometimes------Rarely-------Never----
7. Do you like and accept yourself? ----Absolutely---Most times----Sometimes------Rarely-------Never----
8. Do you talk to someone with whom you can share your personal thoughts and feelings in an honest and supportive way? ----Absolutely---Most times----Sometimes------Rarely-------Never----
9. Can you play, enjoy life, and laugh at the things you do? ----Absolutely---Most times----Sometimes------Rarely-------Never----
10. Do you feel that your life has meaning and purpose? ----Absolutely---Most times----Sometimes------Rarely-------Never----
11. Do you practice any kind of quieting of mind and body and listening to your "inner self" (meditation, prayer, contemplation, etc)? ----Absolutely---Most times----Sometimes------Rarely-------Never----
12. Why types of questions in future surveys would be of interest to you? future of TR job placement in the field, can it last through the next century? salary analysis for region and states physical fitness levels of recreation therapists How about the types of facilities TR's can be found and are currently working in? Future of TR, Job Outlooks in TR, Professionalism in TR

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