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April 1996, this survey is now closed. Here are the final results.

Improving your TR Directory


# of Respondents = 11 # of Males = 2 # of Females = 8 Avg Age = (276/10) 27.6
Position Avg Yrs of Practice   Certification
Adminstrator = 2


  CTRS = 6
Direct Service Provider = 5

(22/5) = 4.4

  Not Certified = 4
Educator =


  CTRA = 0
On-Line Supervisor = 1


Student = 2


Other = 1



A. What information/section of the TR Directory is most useful to you?

I find all the information useful. Treatment/activity & workshops. Rt/tr said. Message board, networking with all the CTRS's. Treatment ideas. TR Research & Activities information. I enjoy all of the directory and find all of it very useful. Internships, job updates. Conference listings. Resources, articles. Jobs bulletin and treatment ideas/activities.


B. What information should be added to the TR Directory?

More information on job listings. At this time. Nothing. Public policy issues, financing issues, tx protocols, critical pathways,etc. None, can't think of any. More treatment ideas & internship information. E-mail addresses of People practicing in the TR field. More treatment ideas for different diagnosis. Diagnosis specific chat lines. More activities.

C. What information/section is of the TR Directory is least useful to you?

The sections without information provided. None. It call all be of use at some time depending on the need. None. All is useful. NA.

D. Why types of questions in future surveys would be of interest to you?

I do not know at this time. Conference related questions. For example: what topics would TR professionals like to see presented and does anyone have good contacts for presenters on such topics. Lots of good stuff going on out there...let's share it!

E. Would you mind small advertisement banners that will help underwrite the TR Directory?

Yes = 9 No = 1 No Response = 1


compuTR - TR Directory sponsor



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