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Recreation Therapists planning for April....

When stressed, take a childlike perspective on otherwise serious adult reality.... ask yourself "How would a six year old see this situation?" "What questions would a seven year old have about this situation?"
  1. Special Events Days
  2. Facts
  3. Birthdays
  4. Activities

Special Events in April

  • National Occupational Therapy Month
  • 1st week- Healthcare Access Personnel Week
  • 1st week- National Laugh Week
  • 2nd week- National Dance Week
  • 3rd or 4th Wednesday- Professional Secretaries Day
  • 3rd week (usually)- National Volunteer Week
  • Arbor Day is celebrated on different days.
  • Easter Sunday is celebrated between March 22 & April 25
  • 1- April Fools' Day
  • 1- Home Improvement Time
  • 8- Buddha's Birthday

April Facts

  • Birthstone- diamond
  • Flower- daisy
  • 6- US declared war on Germany in W.W.I (1917)
  • 8- Henry Aaron broke Babe Ruth's home run record (1974)
  • 12- Franklin D. Roosevelt died (1945)
  • 12- Civil War began at Fort Sumter (1861)
  • 14- John Wilkes Booth assassinated President Lincoln (1865)
  • 15- Titanic sinks
  • 18- Paul Revere made his famous ride (1775)
  • 23- first public showing of a movie in the U.S. (1896)
  • 30- Vietnam War ends (1975), TV 1st broadcasted (1939)

April Birthdays

  • 2- Hans Christian Anderson (1805)
  • 5- Booker T. Washington (1805)
  • 13- Thomas Jefferson (1743)
  • 15- Leonardo da Vinci (1452)
  • 16- Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (1947)
  • 24- Barbra Streisand (1942)
  • 29- Duke Ellinton (1899)

April Activity Ideas

  Easter Egg Collage
submitted by Tammura Jones of Easter Seals Turner Family Center on Friday, April 14, 2000

Size: 2 - ?

Equipment: Scissors, magazines, glue, and colored construction paper(preferably pastels)

Objective: To understand an awareness of shapes and sizes. Interact and participate in a group setting. Work on grip strength

Description: Have participants sit at a table and look through magazines cutting out circles any size. Glue circles onto paper making a collage. Once objects are glued on have the participants cut the paper into the shape of an egg.

Easter Bonnets
Submitted by SUSAN YARRINGTON of Sandalwood Manor on 3-18-99

Size: large or small

Equipment: pastel tissue paper, dried flowers, ribbon, tape

Objective: laughter, social interaction, seasonal acknowledgement, decision making

Description: place desired color tissue paper over participants head. If resident can hold it, include them, if not, assistance from other staff may be needed. Cut circle leaving several inches for brim of hat. Use tape around resident's head to make hat form fitting. Tape/glue a piece of ribbon to cover tape. Add flowers to resident taste.

When i have done this on Easter sunday, the majority of the facility staff have come to the group to have a hat made for themselves. Pretty soon everyone is wearing one and it makes for a very festive easter!

easteregg Easter Bonnet Parade
submitted by Deann Ruckman of Hawthorne Care Center

Size of Group: 20+

Equipment: paper plates, various hats/bonnets, ribbon, flowers, Easter craft items, glue

Objective: promotes art expression and increases self esteem.

Description: The week before Easter, I schedule a group called Easter Bonnet Creations. We use donated hats, bonnets, and even paper plates to create an individualized Easter Bonnet for each resident. On the Friday before Easter, we hold an Easter Bonnet Parade around the facility and award a prize to the resident with the most creative bonnet. Some residents keep their bonnets to redecorate the next year. Right after the parade, we have a big Easter Eggstravaganza with games, prizes and snacks.

easterbasket Easter Craft
Sharon L. Dodson, TRT of Medallion Manor, Provo,Ut.

Size: 1-10

Equipment: 16 ounce empty springwater bottle,tacky glue,cotton balls white,pink,black,and blue felt pieces,or wiggly eyes,colored grass,all colors and sizes pompoms,1/4 inch size ribbons.

Target Population: Developmentally disabled adults.

Objective: Outcome is to increase the clients' cognitive ability to recognize craft materials by skiing them to gather the supplies they need to make their rabbit.Also to increase their dexterity,fine motor co-ordination,and increase their ability to follow directions.

Description: I have the clients gather the supplies they need to make their rabbit. I have supplies laid out on a separate table from their work table, and tell them they need to get so many cotton balls,two wiggly eyes,3 pompoms for the nose and mouth,one Large pompom for the tail,A plastic egg,colored grass,and their choice of color ribbon.

This project takes anywhere from 30 minutes to 1 hour depending in the client's functioning level.Some have problems applying glue to the bottle with toothpick, so I let them use and old acrylic paint brush to apply the glue. This project has gone over with a big success , they made at least two each, as they sent some home to their families.

Even though clients that were profoundly mentally retarded gave eye contact for at least 5 minutes. It was bright enough to catch their attention.

Opening Day of Baseball Party
submitted by Jocelyn Tuck of University of Chicago Hospitals on April 27, 1999

Size of Group: Med -Large

Equipment: Baseball Decorations, Refreshments (ie. hotdogs, popcorn, icecream, etc.), Velcro or Beanbag Baseball Game

Objective: To encourage and increase peer interaction. To encourage group cohesiveness. To build self esteem through activity participation

Description: Give a Opening Day of Baseball Party on the actual opening day of MLB (Usually the 1st week of April). If television is available, have a baseball game playing throughout the party. Encourage pts./clients to make their own felt baseball pennants as a party activity(or the day before). Divide group in half and have the two teams play a baseball game (velcro or beanbag game is recommended). Use your imagination and have fun!!!

Kentucky Derby: Wheel for the Roses
Katrina A. Porter of Beverly Health & Rehabilitation on March 11, 2000

Size: 10-25 plus staff

Equipment: Derby Hats for residents to wear, 5-6 wheelchairs, primary color construction paper for "silks", Mint Julep, silk roses.

Objective: Resdts. will relive and reminisce about past Derbys, winning horses, etc; resdts. will socialize and laugh with one another watching staff attempt to wheel chairs to finish line.

Description: Use bonnets from Easter Parade (April) and ask volunteers, family, etc. to bring in "Derby" hats for residents to wear. Ask residents to dress like they're going to the Kentucky Derby that day.Make brightly colored "silks" from construction paper largely numbered 1-6, or one for each jockey. This can be done as an Arts & Crafts activity before the Derby. Take a large group of residents to outside parking lot (blocked off) for race. Ask each to cheer for the horse and jockey they want to win...Secretariat Sue, Man O'War Mike, Citation Chris, Cigar Christy, etc. Have 5-6 staff seated in wheel chairs at starting gate. Staff will not be allowed to use their feet. All propelling must be done with hands. Resdts. will love watching staff try to wheel themselves in wheelchairs to finish line. Serve pre-mixed Mint Juleps in plastic derby cups after race, alcoholic or non-alcoholic depending on your facility. Crown winner with silk red roses.



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