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Recreation Therapists planning for August...

Columbus Day "If you've got something funny to do, you don't have to be funny doing it." Charlie Chaplin

  1. Special Events Days
  2. Facts
  3. Birthdays
  4. Poem
  5. Activities

Special Events in August

  • Sandwich Month
  • Foot Health Month
  • National Catfish Month
  • Romance Awareness Month
  • National Water Quality Month
  • 1st Sunday in August is Sister's Day
  • 1st week- International Human Exchange Week
  • 1st week- International Clown Week
  • 2nd week- National Smile Week
  • 2nd week- Don't Wait-Celebrate! Week! (to recognize small accomplishments)
  • 2nd Sunday- Family Day, Daughter's Day
  • 1- National Hobo Day
  • 5- National Mustard Day
  • 6- Friendship Day
  • 9- Family Reunion Day
  • 15- Relaxation Day
  • 19- National Aviation Day
  • 26- Women's Equality Day

August Facts

  • Birthstone- Peridot and sardonyx
  • Flower- poppy
  • 1- Colorado Day (1876, 38th state)
  • 3- Christopher Columbus set sail on his 1st voyage across the Atlantic (1492)
  • 6- first women (Gertrude Ederle) to cross the English Channel (1926)
  • 6- atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima (1945)
  • 10- Missouri Day (1821, 24th state)
  • 12- Thomas Edison invented the phonograph (1877)
  • 15- Panama Canal opened (1914)
  • 21- Hawaii Day (1959, 50th state)
  • 24- British troops captured Washington, DC and burned the White House (1814)
  • 26 - Woman's Suffrage (right to vote in USA) (1920)
  • 28- 200,000+ civil rights demonstrators march on Washington, DC (1963)

August Birthdays

  • 1- Francis Scott Key (1779)
  • 3- Ernie Pyle (1900)
  • 10- Herbert Hoover (1874)
  • 15- Napoleon Bonaparte (1769)
  • 17- Davy Crockett (1786)
  • 18- Roberto Clemente (1934)
  • 19- Orville Wright (1871)
  • 21- Count Basie (1904), Wilt Chamberlain (1936)
  • 26- Mother Teresa (1910)
  • 27- Lyndon B. Johnson (1908)

August Poem

All the long August afternoon,
The little drowsy stream
Whispers a melancholy tune
As if it dreamed of June,
And whispered in its dream.
William Dean Howells 

August Activity Ideas

Horse racing
submitted by Laurie Solomon of UCP Bayville Inc. on June 18, 2003

Equipment: Poster board, Markers, Rulers, 6 Horses from a dollar store, index cards, 2 dice

Objective: Having fun with others, Feeling of self esteem, decision making, good sportsmanship

Description: tape the poster boards together to form one long one. Take the markers and draw even lines down the poster board making six sections. each sections are the lanes for the horses to race in. On each index card write the number horse and a creative name for each. on one side of the poster board write START and the other FINISH. each participant will pick which horse they would like to bet on. sometimes i use play money and at the end they would earn a prize depending on how much

they have received. have each person take turns to roll the dice. If one die rolls a 6 then horse number six would move one spot, and so on. Have fun with this!!!!

Talent Show
submitted by Caroline Cickovic on March 22, 2001

Equipment: Some music, some talented clients, an audience, and a video camera &/or photographic camera to document event!

Description: Our adult day health center is filled with participant who are so very talented. Many of them are gifted artists of all kinds, from poets, musicians, dancers and singers. Due to physical disabilities, and the normal effects of aging, such as Alzheimer's, and other physical ailments, they have lost that drive, and desire to practice their skills. Our staff wanted to provide residents the opportunity for them to rekindle the flame and to show off their talents. They worked for weeks to perfect their acts.

The event took place as an all day event, with morning and afternoon performances. The morning performances consisted of individual acts, such as poetry readings, song, and storytelling accompanied by originally composed harmonica music. The afternoon consisted of a series of dance group performances, from the Macarena to the Chicken Dance.

Everyone was wonderful, the performers received recognition from their fellow peers and staff.

The audience, made of the other fellow participants, laughed and celebrated their friends. The event was by far one of the most successful we have had. The participants even inquired when next talent show would take place. So, it will be an annual event.

There were no awards for the best performers, but each performer received a certificate of appreciation. It was showcase, not a competition. The show served as an
inspiration for others!

Bear Teddy's Picnic
submitted by Linda Bell of Shoreham Village Chester N.S.

Size: as large as you want

Equipment: large teddy bear costume to wear, teddy bears for your residents and children,cardboard bear prints on the wall,picnic table cloths and finger foods,teddy bears picnic song and words,contest among teddy bears(oldest,newest,biggest color,etc. ),puppet show,stickers with welcome to the teddy bears picnic for all participants,certificates for the teddy bear winners and prizes

Objective: involve residents and staffs children or residents great grandchildren. To have a fun afternoon for staff,residents and children

Description: Memos are put out a month before inviting children to visit during the afternoon with their teddy bears. Make arrangements with the dietary department for snacks. We get the Zeddy bear costume on loan from Zellars and our staff wear it. We have a puppet show sponsored by our local children's church group. We put bear footsteps on the walls up the halls the day before leading to the main lounge were we have the party. We put balloons,streamers,umbrellas and blankets on the floor to make it look like a picnic.We buy six prizes for the teddybear contests.You also need two judges. The zeddybear passes out bags of chips and greets the residents and children. We play the song teddy's picnic a few times during the am over the pa to draw excitement and then we sing the song at the party.We have Volunteers knit the bears from a pattern we received from the Alzheimer's Society.We usually have enough so that the Alzheimer's and heavy care residents get to choose a bear and take it home with them.We get our local paper to come in to take pictures.It's a fun day for all!!

  Wild West Day
submitted by Melissa Cline, CTRS of Morton Plant Mease Rehabilitation Center on August 31, 1999

Size of Group: Any size

Equipment: Western decorations, gold spray paint, aquarium rocks, strainer, tupperware containter, sand, uncooked rice, safety pin, frozen pancakes, plastic sheriff badges and/or plasic cowboy hats, small plastic horses, 1-2 bandannas, variety of candy bags, inexpensive 1,2,3 prizes, country/western music, ask staff and residents/patients to dress "western" for the day.

Objective: To provide an opportunity for socialization and enjoyment among the residents and patients.

Description: Begin in the morning, with "Wild West Games"...

Needle in the Haystack - have a large bowl of uncooked rice ready, with one closed safety pin in it. Blind fold each participant and watch as the pin is picked up and dropped numerous times, it is very difficult to distinguish it from the rice.

Cow Patty Toss- Let each person line up at the door and see who can throw the farthest "Cow Patty" (frozen pancakes) and hand out prizes to the top 3 winners.

Panning For Gold- Spray paint aquarium rocks gold and place in the tupperware container, cover with sand, and fill with water. Provide a handheld strainer, so they don't have to dig with their hands. Have small plastic bags ready so they can take their "gold" home.

Also, hide a couple of small plastic horses around the room & tell the participants if they see them they'll get a special prize, the plastic sheriff badges. Have Country Western music playing, and if any staff knows any line dancing, have them come in & dance for everyone.

Have the kitchen provide you with a special "Chuckwagon Meal" -- Hamburgers/Hotdogs, or Barbecue, potato salad, chips, lemonade, etc..

After lunch play some old Classic Westerns for the residents, and if possible, set out snacks such as pigs in a blanket or chips and salsa. After this party, you'll hear the residents/patients talking about it for days!




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