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JHPER Newsletter's National Recreational Therapy Section News

compiled by Jeff Mansfield

JHPER Newsletter's National Recreational Therapy Section News



1952 Recreation Therapy section of the AAHPER Recreation Division, formed at the April 1952 Convention by B. E. PHILLIPS
1953 B. J. Rudquist, chairman, AAHPER's Recreational Therapy Section, and chief, Special Services, VA Neuropsychiatric Hospital, Palo Alto, Calif. shares some of his observations on the clinical application of recreational therapy in the mental hospital.
1954 Council for the Advancement of Hospital Recreation drew up tentative standards for personnel employed in recreation for the ill and disabled in a medical setting.

Paul Haun, M. D., clinical director, Graylyn Hospital, Winston-Salem, N. C., at last year's National Recreation Congress in Philadelphia, presented a paper on "Recreation in the Total Hospital Program."

1955 The Hospital Section of the American Recreation Society, the National Association of Recreational Therapists, and the National Recreation Association, met to develop tentative standards for three levels of employment in hospital recreation.
1956 Reflections on Evaluation. Evaluation is an area of our professional endeavor in which one can clearly differentiate between the professional and the lay person; there is probably no other area in which the differentiation is so pronounced.
1957 National Conference on Recreation for the Mentally Ill at the Hotel Woodner in Washington, D. C., November 17-20. Twenty-two national professional societies and agencies have been invited to cooperate in this Conference and an estimated 100 or more invited delegates will participate. Some of the topics to be presented include: Professional Attitudes and Practices, Pre- and In-Service Education, Facilities and Equipment, Evaluation and Research, Qualities of the Professional, Recreation for Discharged Patients
1958 Recommend Practice Suggestion.... "...they should confine their recreation service on prescription, and their written reports on patient behavior, to those relatively few, selected patients for whom specific needs have been identified..."
1959 The recreation therapist can draw on many sources outside the recreation field for assistance in doing a better job for his patients.



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