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Nursing Home Activity Books


Activities for the Aged and Infirm : A Handbook for the Untrained Worker by Toni Merrill

Hardcover (June 1979)
Charles C Thomas Pub Ltd; ISBN: 0398012946

Assessment : The Cornerstone of Activity Programs by Ruth Perschbacher

Activity programs can't be copied or mass produced because their success depends upon recognizing the individuals involved in creative ways. Assessment is the first step in recognizing such individuals.

Paperback (September 1993)
Venture Pub; ISBN: 0910251622

Arts and Crafts for the Elderly : A Resource Book for Activity Directors in Healthcare Facilities by Evelyn Lowman

Paperback (March 1992)
Springer Pub Co; ISBN: 082617860X

Doing Things : A Guide to Programming Activities for Persons With Alzheimer's Disease and Related Disorders by Jitka M. Zgola, Nancy L. Mace (Designer)

One of the first books written on Alzheimer's and activities, it remains a valuable source of practical ideas for professionals and families. It's an easy book to read and easy to put the book's concepts and ideas into pratice.

Paperback - 149 pages (September 1987) Johns Hopkins Univ Pr;
ISBN: 0801834678

Educational Activity Programs for Older Adults : A 12-Month Idea Guide for Adult Education Instructors and Activity Directors in Gerontology by Janice Lake Williams

Hardcover (October 1984)
Haworth Pr; ISBN: 0866562966

Essentials for the Activity Professional in Long-Term CareEssentials for the Activity Professional in Long-Term Care by Susan E. Lanza

Thoroughly researched and referenced, this text will provide a comprehensive understanding of all relevant information needed by activity professionals.

Paperback - 339 pages (October 1996) Delmar Pub; ISBN: 0827373872

Failure-Free Activities for the Alzheimer Patient : A Guidebook for Caregivers by Carmel B. Sheridan

Paperback (June 1987) Elder Books; ISBN: 0943873053

Intergenerational Arts in the Nursing Home by Patch Clark

Hardcover (July 1991)
Greenwood Publishing Group; ISBN: 0313259658

Keeping Busy : A Handbook of Activities for Persons With Dementia by James R. Dowling, Nancy L. Mace

Paperback - 178 pages (August 1995) Johns Hopkins Univ Pr;
ISBN: 0801850592

The Professional Activity Manager and Consultant by Anne D'Antonio-Nocera (Editor), Nancy Debolt (Editor), Nadine Touhey

Paperback (August 1998)
Idyll Arbor; ISBN: 1882883241

Reminiscence : Uncovering a Lifetime of Memories by Sheridan, Carmel Sheridan

Paperback - 162 pages (January 1991) Elder Books; ISBN: 094387310X

Story Writing in a Nursing Home : A Patchwork of Memories (Monograph Published Simultaneously As Activities, Adaptation & Aging , Vol 16, No 1) by Martha Tyler John (Editor)

Paperback (May 1996)
Haworth Pr; ISBN: 0789060418

Simple Expressions : Creative & Therapeutic Arts for the Elderly in Long-Term Care Facilities by Vicki Parsons, Gregory M. Parsons (Illustrator)

Simple Expressions offers more than 200 ideas for creative and therapeutic art activities that can be adapted and changed to meet the needs and ability levels of almost all long-term care residents.

Paperback (June 1998)
Venture Pub; ISBN: 0910251975

The Therapeutic Purposes of Reminiscence by Mike Bender, Paulette Bauckham, Andrew Norris

Hardcover (February 1999)
Sage Pubns; ISBN: 0803976410

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